See Power Quests support


Dec 3, 2002
If any body fancies checking out Soliloquy (who are playing support to Power Quest the day before Bloodstock) we are playing a gig next Monday (12/05/03) at the Robin in Bilston, Wolverhampton.

It's also a Battle of the Bands type affair so if you like us, every vote counts :Spin:
Come down Plymouth, or Tavvy, brother ;) christ, we need SOME good bands down here!!!!!!! ^_^
I'll PM you, brother. Funnily enough, we need a headlining band for a gig we're trying to organise in the near future, although you definately won't want to be lumbered with us suckers ^_^
Sorry bro, I didn't have time to find the info last night. I'll blast it to you pronto though :)