Should they lose the growls?

Should Opeth lose the growls?

  • Yes, lets ditch the growls....!

    Votes: 3 4.4%
  • No, Mikåel's demon-voice turns me on!

    Votes: 64 94.1%
  • They should have no vocals at all!

    Votes: 1 1.5%

  • Total voters
Yes, I wish they ditch the growls and start imitating Oasis. Deep inside me I also wish they would stop writing so heavy and melodic riffs, and stop using the double bass pedal.. they give me a headache. that I have recovered from my initial :eek: reaction :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: lose the growls? ARGGHha ha haha ha ha haha ha ahhh
Opeth NEEDS the growls. It'd be a waste of talent otherwise. Even though I liked metal before I got into Opeth, it took me a while to get used to Mikael's "Middle" growls. Not hellishly low, or bitchily high.. But after a while, I find his voice to be VERY expressive in that style, and he's my favourite growler now. And I can see why many people consider him the best.

Keep 'em baybee!
That's quite a nutty question...but, you asked and now you'll be scorned! :p Really...come on. Do you really want them to ditch the growls, hibernal_dream? I don't know what you voted for, that's all. I say NO WAY! Variety in music and in vocals is something I've always admired Opeth for.

I think the only people that would want Opeth to ditch the growls would be people who aren't fans of them already.

You know, they could sell out and do clean vocals and simple repetitive music for the MTV crowd... *yawn*


They should keep the growls - it's part of what you expect to hear when you hear opeth. The growls did take me a while to get used to though.
Getting rid of the song would be like getting rid of the guitar or drums... impossible
Those two votes are disturbing me greatly, and I seriously wonder if this is a joke. I, like many others, did not like the growling at first and it was the guitarwork and drumming that kept me listening. Eventually, I got used to the growling and now I love it.
Reminds of my feelings toward Amorphis. A great band, with the heavy growls, who decided to ditch them all together, and go to clean singing. It took me 2 years to get over it, but finally I came to realize they were still a great band, but I feel they should have changed their names, because they are so different now that it is almost false advertising when you go into one of their later albums. With that said, while I miss their older metal days, I think their new album is the best this year maybe.

If Opeth was to do the same, would I still like them? Of course, they are to talented not to like. Would they do it and still go by Opeth? I do not think so. The band has said before that if they ever changed their music drastically they would not call it Opeth. Opeth is the sound you hear now. Anything different by the band, while still amazing probably, would not be Opeth. That is my biggest problem with Amorphis, but man is Am Universe good.
I am into growling, but I find the older Amorphis albums boring. I totally LOVE Am Universum though.

"That crystal heart, shatters within..."

It's one of my current favourites.