Since everyone else is doing it, I will too (introduction)


drunk hessian degenerate
Aug 18, 2001
San Jose,CA
Yes, I'm new here, haven't really bothered to introduce myself til now. My name is Garen, I'm 21 years old, I live in northern California, and I've been into Opeth for about 2 years now. They took quite a while to grow on me, didn't really like them when I first heard them on the second Blackend compilation, but these days I don't see how I got along without 'em.
Oy vey!

welcome to the forum. If you've been reading, you get the general gist (jist??) of how people are here. Enjoy, looking forward to your contributions..

oh yeah, and no "favourite album" polls.. just get all that stuff out here :D
Welcome FleischBrenner. Enjoy your stay