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Apr 6, 2002
Fort Collins, CO
Well, I thought I would try something new and actually post in my own forum. ;:D

While the immense anticipation builds for anything new RZ (myself included) I thought I would talk about some music I have been getting into lately.

For the first half of the year I was into all things heavy. Namely the new Strapping Young Lad, Opeth, Soilwork, Lamb of God to name a few. Actually, these albums got LOTS of play this year. I love tyring to sing along to this stuff and see how long my voice lasts. But seriously, these albums were all a nice fit for t me in terms of the productions, the songwriting, performances, lyrics...This is how I like my modern heavier metal.

On the flip side, I also enjoyed the new System of a Down. Mezmerise is a great album, save the last song. Hollywood doesnt do much for me. But the rest of the album is pure vibe. I love it. I haven't had a chance to really get into Hypnotize yet, but after a couple listens I already am getting it. On the commercial front, I also enjoyed the new Disturbed. Much of the same from them, but if you like it why fight it? And from the guilty pleasures pile I am a huge fan of Kelly Clarkson. Love her stuff and even saw her live this year and she was awesome! boy can she belt it!! I also don't care what anyone else has to say about it!:loco: John Mayer Trio - Try! is really cool too. Its a live album and sounds like one warned. Mayer has some promise as a good blues player. Not that this is Clapton caliber but its a good representation. His back up band Steve Jordan (drums) and Pino (bass) have played with some top names and groove really well...check it out if you are into blues.

The latter half of the year I have been into all things 70's. I missed much of the 70's growing up and have not overplayed any of that stuff so that I would be sick of it I can still enjoy many of the classic releases from thast period without feeling like I have heard it a billion times...
Most recently, I can't get Pink Floyd Wish you were here out of my head. Its a great way to end the day. Relaxing and challenging at the same time. Also, Mahavishnu Orchestra Birds has been in a good rotation lately. A good friend also hooked me up with some old 70's prog and I have been enjoying that as well. Crucible s/t is a cool album. I wasn't expecting it to be mostly instrumental but when the voice came in I was reminded of a lighter (or heavier in some cases! haha) version of Dream Theater. Well, reverse that statement...but still. Also, Glass Hammer (can;t remember which album) was pretty cool as well. I really like the use of the old keys (organs, moogs, etc.)

So while this year wasn't a blockbuster for me in terms of new releases although there are many more I liked that I have not commented on, I am eagerly awaiting next year.....the new Devin Townsend Band should totally rock. And speaking of rocking my socks off, their will be a new Tenaicious D release as well...the soundtrack to the movie!

Anyway, if anyone reads this :wave: please feel free to jump in!

Reading Zero
dude! you like kelly clarkson too? i picked that girl right from the beginning. we too saw her in concert in dc this past summer. excellent show. simon says that kerry underwood will sell more cd's than any other american idol winner. bs! not more than kelly.

let's what do i enjoy? well i honestly can say that i like a little of everything. there's a time and a place for certain music. 80's music, i like alot. oh! ^A^ erosmith! big fan! can't forget my idol, steve vai. vai is what i listen to, to forget things. i just get lost in it. g3 live in tokyo dvd is a must buy. satch, i dig too.

but music isn't the only thing that makes my world rotate. having a loving husband and family and good friends is a positive force in my life. i'm big into cars, photography and one of my friend's 4 miniature pinschers! oh! can't forget birds. i have a little haven for them in our back yard. they're fun to watch.

these, are a few of my favorite things. there are many more. :)
BenMech said:
Shame that doesn't yet include new Reading Zero

perhaps, they could produce a cd/dvd with music from the beginning and performances at pp and other places, just until they can put out new stuff.