Survivor Round 6 - The Last Remaining Album: Blackwater Park

What song do you like the least out of these 4?

  • The Leper Affinity

    Votes: 21 23.1%
  • Bleak

    Votes: 28 30.8%
  • The Drapery Falls

    Votes: 22 24.2%
  • Blackwater Park

    Votes: 20 22.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Art Geek
Jun 14, 2008
The way I judged this round is that if the 2 highest voted options were within 5 votes of each other then I would remove both of them. That said, the survivor for Orchid is In The Mist She Was Standing, the survivor for Morningrise is To Bid You Farewell, the survivor for MAYH is When, the survivor for Still Life, though it came very close, is The Moor, the survivor for Damnation is Windowpane, the survivor for Deliverance is Deliverance, the survivor for Ghost Reveries is Ghost of Perdition, and the survivor for Watershed is Heir Apparent. There will be a final showdown thread for all of the album survivors when all of the albums have a survivor. The only album left to decide a survivor is Blackwater Park. There will likely be 2 or 3 more rounds for BWP. Vote only once, for the song you like the least.
It was between Bleak and the Drapery Falls, and TDF got me into Opeth and prog death in one song. So I can't vote for it outta loyalty.
TLA, Amazing song.... but my least favorite out of those. BWP is my favorite Opeth song and TDF is my third favorite. I don't where exactly but Bleak is in my top five.
I think it's interesting that last time they did this Bleak was the clear winner. Yet it's not even going to make it to the final round this time.
I was very surprised so many people voted Bleak already!! ... It's my ultimate favourite song of Opeth, and I thought many people shared this conviction considering previous threads...
I voted Blackwater Park, still think that song is overrated, although it was difficult to choose between that and TDF.
blackwater park was one of the first opeth songs i remember liking, i really enjoyed when it switched from the growly part to the soft acoustic sus was nice, cant vote for blackwater park just yet. voted for bleak
Weird how things change. Bleak easily took the song surviver last time.

I hope BWP is the king this time around the bend.