Sweden Rock Festival 2003


Dictator of your ass
Apr 27, 2003
Copenhagen - Denmark
I know I don't post here often, but I thought I wanted to make a few words about Sweden Rock.
It was awesome... I was backstage, so hanging out with the bands was awesome:)
The Management in which I work (intromental.com) there was three bands playing; Fairyland, Platitude and Chrome Shift.

But let me get to the interesting part of this... the concerts:

Kamelot was definately the highlight for me. Khan is even more awesome live than on records. Best setlist, they played every song I could ever dream of.

Queensrÿche sucked... I should have spent my time sleeping instead of watching this godawful show. Well... it was mostly caused by the performance from Tate.

Blind Guardian was cool. I got totally crashed in the moshing area. A little girl right next to me was very close of making a Roskilde. Some years ago 8 people died during a Pearl Jam show on Roskilde Festival because there was too much moshing. She was lying down and people were already stepping on her, but the security got her away safely.

Anthrax delivered an awesome show. And when I briefly met the drummer afterwards in the backstage bar he was very friendly and seemed to enjoy to meet new fans. Not like most of the bands I met.

Pagans Mind, Angra, Sepultura, Whitesnake, Chrome Shift and Demon was also decent shows. Angra would actually have been an awesome show if just that singer could sing clean live.

Many thought that Twisted Sister was awesome... If you like the music, well then I can see why. But the music fucking bores the shit out of me.

Well... I had a pretty good time, and I met lots of bands and there were a million HOT... HOOOOOOOOOT metal chicks.
Pyrus... this is where we should go next year.