The Hearse, one song?

Nogie, threak and the other treefucking herbal gays. WTF is wrong with you...?

First: Mikael refers My Arms Your Hearse as The Hearse in the booklet, maybe he got it from there, and by acting like a dumbass towards him, you do the same at fucking MIKAEL!

Second: Maybe you should think a little bit longer than your sperm filled trees reach. I can definently understand why he thinks it could be considered as one song. Many of Opeths songs goes through so many passages with a bit wierd gluing between the riffs and I could easily see Opeth doing My Arms Your Hearse into one song.

And don't be so fucking stuck on the sticks that goes through your arse.... Everyone got their own opinion.

i would enjoy 'hearse' even more if it were one song. not that splitting it up is wrong (crimson ii).

consequently, i want to drive a hearse to school. wouldn't that just own them all...
well thank you darkhav fore the support. now, as this forum obviously is crowded with EXPERTS, i thought that i deedn't need to point out such obvious facts.
By the way, this was a completly theoretical question, but all the EXPERTS seem to have no imagination, what so ever......

PS. threak, go fuck a goat ore something similar.DS
this board has turned into a group of jackarses who abuse a new dude.

i hope you feel big .. you really put him in his place

good games