Two chicks making out

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Two chicks together really doesnt do anything for me. the girls just dont have the equipment, unless one of em is packing a silver bullet. A friend of mine has tons of porn on his computer but no cock whatsoever. He is afraid of the cock. What he does have are all these chicks using devices on each other and its actually kind of nasty. One even uses a beer bottle. To think he gets off on this....

:lol: what kind of a man is that who's suffering from cockophobia? a descent man, who doesn't drool while some other cock is taking all the credit, and the joy and the goody bag. :p :D loosers... :D
there's all kinds of wild shit on kazaa, get it now before the courts shut them down!
I've already once posted on that subject, so no more mention of eating turds from me, or fat chicks eating cake out of each other.

but two hot chicks making out is really fucking awesome:lol: my friend Monica at work is bisexual and kind of gets off on showing me pics of her and her girlfriend getting it on. damn she is awesomely hot, the only woman I know who can carry off wearing purple nailpolish and look gorgeous.
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trapped looses major metalness points on that last post.


My boyfriend doesn't think i'm any less metal. :err:



um, trapped.....

Seriously, if a chick got off on it, and you knew that's the only way you could get some hot monkey love with her... wouldn't you dude?
but what happens to the other guy? i think hed want some hot monkey love after havin to make out with a dude as well. then its a 3some with another guy, and you just made out with him. i dont really think its worth all that noise.
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and hot guys too

WIN/WIN situation, ehh? :lol:

i cant agree with your methods though .. i wouldnt do it

ha ha. Fair enough dude.

I never have, and i most likely never will. I'm just not shutting any doors ( :lol: :lol: :lol: ) because of ignorance...