The Happy Rant Thread

Went paintballing with an arseload of people today. It kicked arse. Later on, a bunch of suitably drunken cunts (and teachers) from school and I shall be having an "end-of-school" meal at some pub, with added drinks. Should be shit hot craic. :)
The school year is almost done.

I got a C on the multiple choice section of my US history final/AP practice exam (I was expecting to fail).

Porcupine Tree next weekend.

Lately I've been talking a lot to somebody who's very attractive and intelligent. Seeing him tomorrow. :oops:

I've made peace with a lot of people with whom I had problems.

Looks like I might be getting a job soon.

And tonight I'm going to drink a bunch of passion fruit rum with a couple friends.
I visit Texas in 2 weeks.

If it goes well, I may MOVE Texas with in a month or 6 weeks afterward.

I'd get to leave the shitty tard job FOREVER!
Just note that if you do move to Texas you'll be dealing with weather that goes from 'boil' to 'boil with a slight breeze of ohfuckthat'sstillhot' and either crazy fundies (outside Austin) or crazy hippies (in Austin)... be careful. The insanity doesn't seem too bad when you visit, or even if you live there for just a month or two, but... it gets to you.

Dallas smells funny, and Austin is the usual tech and college town stuff; 99% of people who mention moving to Texas to me wind up in Austin.

That is awesome and makes me very happy. Also you had mentioned in another thread you wanted a bagel. I am currently eating a very delicious bagel, so I will sent... a bagel out to you via telepathy? Yes here it goes:

Awww, <3. I'm surprised that makes you "very happy", though. :lol:

Night out and meal were fucking "briwyant" last night. Loads of free drinks 'cos I knew the bar staff, met a teacher from school (who I promised I'd get an A :erk: ), and cheered up a friend who was depressed because 2 of his uncles had committed suicide, among other shite.

Other good stuff: woke up hungover tae fuck this morning, on a mate's couch, but watching 'Scrubs' made everything so much better and relaxing. Earlier, visited my baby nephew, which was cool. It's easy to forget how small and funny they are. Broke out the bagpipes for the first time in a few months tonight, and played them quite well, all things considered.

Sporting the Kilt just now, too.