The Happy Rant Thread

Hmm, I was reading the venting thread, and I thought that there are probably quite a few of us who don't have anything current to vent about, or did, but then became suddenly quite ecstatic and want to express So here goes.

I am such an awesome mood because, I've spent the last two days with my boyfriend, making lots of music....and love! And... tomorrow is the last day of classes of the week for me. Hmm, what else? I am not sure just a generally happy mood!

Put out that...positive energy HAHA
I'm excited for Powerfest 2008! I'm also looking forward to finally getting some fucking writing done and listening to metal whilst hanging out with good friends this weekend. :)

Fuck yeah, positive energy! WOO!
hmm... i'll be turning in the majority of the work i've been slaving at tomorrow, then i'm going to be hanging out with friends this weekend, then 2 finals and i'm done with school next wednesday. woo!
I'm in a fairly spiffy mood. Nothing spectacular to report, but things are fairly decent. The weekends are inherently good for the lack of having to work, really.
Going on tour next week!!!

Weather is getting nice again. This means leaving the house in the morning and not coming home until it's time to go to sleep. Warm summer nights are the best.

I just got a new golf bag that totally rules.

plus lots more!
Weather's good (fucking lovely, in fact), I've got a part-time job going for some guy at a decent rate (outdoor labour), my friend's willing to sell me his bench, my sister had her baby, and I shall be suitably inebriated this weekend. So aye, that's good.
officially done classes for the semester. just ate a pint of ice cream to celebrate ... am listening to Solitude Aeturnus and i swear it's like getting acid flashbacks - i keep having to stifle the laughter when i think about "family sausage pizza" and things of that nature ... muahaha

hmm... still have some final papers to write and tests to study for, but i'm gonna try to start writing again.