The Happy Rant Thread

I've been feeding a few stray cats lately. Out of the four, there are two of them that I like the best, but I've only seen one of those two the past week.
So I just saw the other one.
Yeah, they're very cute too. The ones I like the most kind of look a little like my own cat. They're also the friendliest. They let me pet them.
The other two are nice, but they hiss. I don't think it's to threaten me though. I think it's just communication, since stray cats don't really meow unless they are in heat or for another reason. When I put the food down for them, the noise it makes is a little like a hissing sound, so it could be their way of telling me they want food.
There is one from a previous litter that comes by once in a while. She mostly interacts with the landlord and her kids.

There is even another one that comes by once in a while, but I always chase that one off since it is obviously sick, and I don't want it to get the other cats sick as well. It's usually filthy, reeks to high heavens (which would not be the case with any healthy cat) and it eats from the same place. It also slaps the other cats as well.