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Nov 28, 2002
So. California
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Hey all,

Just joined up to the board... Just saw some news on the Century webiste that I'm sure everyone here in the US will be happy to hear..

"Italy's hottest export, LACUNA COIL, is confirmed to tour North America with Opeth beginning in mid-January, 2003 to support their latest album, Comalies. The tour will run through early February. Dates, cities, and venues will soon be announced."

I think its rather interesting pairing for a tour, since they really arent similar at all.. But I REALLY cant wait to see Opeth come over to the US again. Hopefully they will get more time to play then they did when they played with Nevermore ;)
Well, the post doesnt really say who the headliners is. So, there is still a good chance that Opeth is doing the headlining for the tour. Im sure more info will be coming soon when the dates and venues are posted. Lets just hope that Opeth is the headliners. I dont mind Lacuna Coil, but I would rather have Opeth doing the headline.
Looking forward to this tour and I'm thinking that other bands wil be on this tour as well? Will travel to see this tour, most likly down to NYC..Tell them to book a date in Poughkeepsie, New York at The Chance..That's close to me. :)
i got this from blabbermouth:

PARADISE LOST Announce European Dates - Nov. 27, 2002

PARADISE LOST have announced the initial dates for their upcoming European tour, set to take place during February/March. They are as follows:

Feb. 14 - Tor 3 – Dusseldorf, GER
Feb. 15 - PC69 - Bielefeld, GER
Feb. 16 – Collumbafritz – Berlin, GER
Feb. 17 - Easy Schorre – Halle, GER
Feb. 18 – Markthalle – Hamburg, GER
Feb. 25 – Zeche – Bochum, GER
Feb. 26 – Batschkapp – Frankfurt, GER
Mar. 10 - New Backstage – Munich, GER
Mar. 11 – Abart – Zurich, SWI

More dates will be announced soon. In other news, PARADISE LOST are tentatively due to team up with OPETH for a U.S. tour sometime in early 2003.
I don't know about Lacuna coil at all but I would'nt understand why Opeth couldn't headline a tour. Opeth is the band that gets the most praising in the metal community at the moment. BWP was album of the year in a lot of metal-zine and Deliverance gets great reviews pretty much everywhere and is a serious contestant for album of the year again so...I think they'd be dumb to accept to not headline a tour 'cause they have the fanbase to do it...

I'd be pissed off to go see them for the first time without having them headlining...except if they were opening for Slayer (they're still the GODS) perhaps. Let's keep praying
I'm definitely going on a road trip! Metal road trips rule, and when an Opeth show is the destination, they're even better. Toronto and Montreal for sure. Also, I'm spending some time in Vancouver in mid-February, so hopefully they end the tour in Seattle. Opeth concerts have religious implications for me, so I want to catch them as many times as possible.
This tour will be an amazing package, and who knows they might throw another band in there, but so far opeth and lacuna coil are already worth treking to see. The only concerns for me are that the montreal or toronto shows would be over my exams, or my surgery in february if those shows are early february.

I hope it's right before exams so I can get the anticipation out of my system and study :D
Opeth with Lacuna Coil? Wow! What a show that is going to be. I love Opeth and always have but Lacuna Coil is an awesome band. This is going to be an incredible tour!! Please come to the Worcester Palladium in Worcester, MA!!!!