US Tour!!

I would greatly appreciate if the tour comes to Ground Zero at Spartanburg, SC. Most metal shows do. If not at least Raliegh or Atlanta! I will drive for hours and miss work no matter what.
I saw them in Cleveland on BWP tour w/ Amorphis and Opeth played flawlessly. Can not wait to see them again!
Originally posted by Jim LotFP
Considering bands really don't change setlists around, why see more than one show on the tour?
Considering the songs don't change their order on the CD, why listen to it more than once? :p

Because they're my top two favorite bands, and I could watch them every night, that's why. :)
Well, I doubt they'll come back to Charlotte, NC... Last year, all of 100 people showed up and they had to cut the show short due to the stupid ass curfue they have/had in Charlotte... I'd like to see a date pop up somewhere around here (wish it were later than January too, but of well...) for I'll take a road trip to see them... (A VA date would do...)
I hope to god they come to either Oklahoma City or Dallas. The city I'm in (Ardmore, OK) is half-way between both cities. It's an hour and a half drive either north or south.

Opeth and Nevermore played in Dallas...Hopefully, Opeth will play there again.
Alright, I'm glad they're playing in LA. They better play an all ages place though. I'll be supremely pissed if I can't get in.
right now, local promoters from all cities are probably doing alot of legal stuff with the booking agent as there is a guarantee they must come up with.

For instance, I know the one here in Arizona is scared of the price wondering if enough people will show. It is a short term memory loss as the Opeth/Nevermore show filled up the club that they most likely would use again.