V - The New Mythology Suite

While V doesnt really have my single favourite songs, like DWOT, The Odyssey and Through the Looking Glass etc.. as a whole it IS my favourite album of theirs because I think it has the most consistently good quality songs (and being a concept album is also a huge bonus) whereas the other albums have some of those epic songs, but alot of 'fillers' as well. I would have loved PL to be another concept album, but from the news we've gotten from MJR I suspect it isn't, that it will follow similar lines to the Odyssey album.
V is not the easiest type of CD to get into. It's very complex and has a lot of little details. There are a few parts, which are hard for me to get into (Maybe it's so progressive, not sure). I still need to listen it for a few weeks I think.
Well i second that. It's a tricky album to get hold of.
Yeah, over here every band wants bassists and drummers (especially drummers). I've been asked to join two bands already, and haven't even applied for the positions, they haven't heard me play, and I haven't got a decent rig yet (got a sweet cab, now looking for a head).

If by the offchance I'm ever in SA, I'll drop in hahaa... noticed there is a few other aussies in this Symphony X forum... any of you guys a vocalist by the name of Dan/Daniel/Danielle/or similar? :p
Yeah, we'd definately do The Danation Game and Danage Inc. :p

There also albums we could cover, like Opeth's "Danation", Iron Maiden's "Dan of Death", and Iced Earth's "The Blessed and The Daned" (although the later is actually a compilation.
Yeah, you turned my thread into Dan band chat. :p

Well, shall we stay on the subject V now?

I'd like to ask, does Symphony X perform songs from V often live?
How DARE you suggest, even slightly, that it is acceptable for them to skip A Fool's Paradise and Rediscovery!!!!

Yeah, A Fool's Paradise is easily one of my faves on that album... the first song on the album that I had on repeat.:kickass:

Rediscovery on the other hand... ponders the question... is 'amazing', in it's truest meaning, really enough for Rediscovery... excellent song. :kickass:
A Fool's Paradise is my favorite Sym X song ever. I'll probably need to bring an extra pair of underwear to the May 25 show on the off chance that they play it at the show.
1. Yes
2. Yes
3. No, I think oddyssey is the best so far.
4. My favorite songs are, evolution and Fallen.

Very nice album.