V - The New Mythology Suite

I haven't heard Live on The Edge CD either, but I've seen the tracklist, which looks pretty good. Is it worth getting?
Yeah, I'm planning to get all Symphony X records one by one. I've alreayd bought two CD's this year and Paradise Lost will be next one. Then I might get the rest (or atleast Olympus and live on the edge) too.
1. Most definitely. The only problem is that I had to create a single track of the entire disk in order to listen to it like that (seamlessly) on my iPod. But hey, not a big deal... my iPod isn't anywhere near full.
2. One of the best parts about it, IMO.
3. Yep, but I think I might have overlistened to it a bit.
4. Probably Fallen, Communion and the Oracle, Egypt, A Fool's Paradise, and Rediscovery Pt. II. Evolution used to be here, but I think that track's suffered the most from overlistening for me.
Seems Absence of Light is missing the credit it deserves, something very unique and asskickish about that chorus.
Yeah, I also think Absence of Light is actually pretty good song and the chorus sounds interesting. It's still not quite as good as the following A Fool's Paradise.

I personally don't think that V has much of a filler, every song keeps the quality high til' the end. V may not the strongest single songs of Symphony X, but overall as an album, it's one of their best.
1. yeah there were some clever modulations and transitions in there it was pretty cool

2.Yeah didn't really have a clue what they were talking about though

3.Divine wings.

4. Communion and the oracle,that second solo is so good, very nik kershaw.

i love the cd, i love all the cool tech rhythmic bits, but i really dont like hte guitar sound in most of it :<

i hope hes not gonna be using line 6 amps on the next album because in the studio picture he was sat next to one.
I've heard many people say that the guitar sound when he's using line 6 amp has some very annoying background frequency sound or something like that. I don't exactly know what it means, but I guess it's true.

I like Romeo's rhythm guitar sound on all albums including V, but I hope his lead sounds will be improved in Paradise Lost. I don't know anything about guitar sounds, but I think it could be somehow better.
1. Of Course
2. Yup.
3. Surely best album!
4. Prelude/Evolution Death of Balance... A Fools Paradise
One of the best, must admit that I really Enjoy Twilight in Olympus also, with the breath taking, Through the looking glass, I would have like the band to stay in that musical direction.

My top 3 SX is Damnation Game, T in Olympus and V. Hum with no real preference.