What's worse than a forum full of newfags?

I had some a while back with Smirnoff Apple Vodka when I was getting desperate for booze...Wasn't that bad.
Hey I only bought it because it was the limited Apple variety, I'd never touch the standard stuff :p
I'm just going to assume I'm somehow an newfag only because I troll and end up being trolled by the oldfags, cause if I was an oldfag, the newfags with troll me. Something like that, some vice versa bullshit.
You are aware there is no rule on this? Doesnt matter on start date, amount of posts etc, there will always be someone that has excelled you somewhere along the line. Difficult to post on this forum for me these days because the status I once holds shit. There is about 5 people who remember me from the original time I was on here.
Am I legitimately an oldfag yet? or am I still going through my newfag initiation? or am I just a fag? :p

It's nothing to to with join date really. I'm sure that basically all the 2005/2006er's just consider anyone who joined after them a newfag. Because to be honest, after 2006 there was a very noticeable shift in the members here. To be honest I don't really care but that's just my theory.