Why do some people turn into idiots when you want...

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to hire them?

Long story short:

1st photographer that we booked months (May) ago has done some unprofessional shit yesterday and last week so we paid him what was due for services already rendered (hey I'm not a total dick) and parted ways. Apparently he was upset, I don't care get your shit together.

So I call literally 25 places yesterday. 18 didn't pick up (I left messages). Everyone was willing to do the date (18 fucking days from now damnit).

So there are people of all kind:

Photo journalistic photographers
Story teller photographers
Insanely priced photographers
Simple package photographers
My prices are 2 times your budget photographers

So anyhow we go meet with 2 yesterday. Both were awesome people, but the first guy (who was a teacher in high school) only gives you 3 DVDs with slide shows for $1k (4 hours of time photographing). We liked him but the end product was "eh... no thanks".

Second lady was awesome, she doesn't book by time she does packages and stays with you the whole day. She had 2 packages one for $1,300 and another for $1800. We decide we like her and booked today (plus her picks just looked great). Oh and she bought us drinks and threw in a CD that will have all the pics (and she said she would release the rights!) on it.

Now I'm not complaining about anyone who got back to me in a timely manner they just missed out. All well shit happens ya know?

Here are the fuckers who pissed me off:

Me: "Do you do packages or by hour, or by product how do you price?"
Them: "We do packages yes, we have 4"
Me: "Okay could I have the prices please"
Them: "<big runaround that ends with him sending me a brochure and not telling me his prices>
Me: "Okay so you think your prices are to high?"
Him: "No... well your just looking for someone to do it for $300 aren't you?"
Me: "No I'm firing a cheap guy right now, and raising my budget for this."

Oh and I got his brochure today and he starts at $1100 (so he is an idiot).

My fiance called this lady and she said she would have to check to see if she could do the date (understandable). She was the "my pictures tell a story" lady (who gives a fuck, I don't).

So she calls today says she can do it and we tell her "we booked someone else". Apparently though she tried to throw a guilt trip on my fiance about not booking her.

I had a guy tell me his prices start at $2900 (this is literally the only guy who even goes that high, most people that I called cap at $2500 for whatever package). :lol:
sounds like you ended up with the right person anyway. those other guys missed out! $2900 is actually legit sounding, though, if his work is the top drawer of course. some start at $10k.
are there any gig photographers etc that you know??
i know a few who do weddings/prospecti as their bread and butter , and bands and gigs as small money!!