Why have these bands not "made it bigger" in the scene?


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Oct 22, 2005
I am curious as to some of your thoughts on the bands below (please only reply with opinions that are not "because they suck" type answers):

Acheron - Their 1998 album "Those Who Have Risen" was a classic. This had Tony from Nile on drums, Ben from Nasty Savage on guitar with vocal appearences from David Vincent & George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher. Their latest CD which has INCANTAION drummer Kyle on it is a great aggressive album with memorable riffs. Why haven't they made it bigger?

Revenant (NJ) - I heard they have reunited over the years, but their Nuclear Blast debut "Prophecies of a Dying World" was a great classic slab of death metal similar to Morbid Angel. The music was great and very catchy. These guys should have gone far. Not many people have heard this one.

Ritual Carnage - This is one of the newer thrash/death bands that I think are killer all around. Each album is very different and the musicianship is incredible. You never see or hear much about them.

Atomizer - A great band from Australia that mix thrash & black metal. Great stuff but hard to track their stuff down.

I live in Florida, so maybe in other parts of the world these bands are bigger, but do any of you listen to these bands??

P.S. - Yes I am new here so be nice :devil:
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The only one of those I've actually heard is Acheron. I live in a very secluded area and findng albums are hard, so I steal whatever I can find online. Anyway, there's this one Acheron song I have, I don't know the name of it, it just showed up as Track 2 when I downloaded it. The first words of the song go, "beautiful slave, you've entered my world." And it has these two real nice solo's on it. Yeah I really want to check this band out.