Black Stone Wielder
May 21, 2001
New Zealand
When this board appeared, I though "Who the Hell is Vintersorg???". Being intruiged by some of the comments here, I went out today and managed to find 'Cosmic Genesis'.
All I can say is..... wow:eek:
Only listened to it twice so far (at work, via my cd-rom drive, so sound was crappy!), but I really like what I hear!! Another name to add to the list of great vocalists, along with Garm, I.C.S Vortex (can't remember how to spell his real name...) etc... Have to say, even if I get sick of the music (which I can't see happening any time soon) there are enough magical moments to force me to put on the disk regularly (which I do alot with Garm's work).
Now I have 2 problems:
1) not going insane waiting for the new Borknager (I know it's due soon, but things arrive very slowly in New Zealand, it could take a year...).
2) trying to find some more of his recordings.

Anyway, just wanted to put that out there. Think I'll be listening to it all night...........

Simen is it Hestnaes or Haestnes? Anyways, the ae is supposed to be that danish/norwegian character with both merged together but I don't have international fonts properly set up in Linux. =/
Hi, now that you're talking 'bout this...where's Simen singin' now???
any band, project, solo, whatever???
I just love his way of singing (specially Colossus :)~~~~~~~~ )
and I'd like to keep on hearing him....
so anybody????