You've heard Hyde, now hear Rabies!


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Apr 16, 2001
Maryland USA
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Ok guys.
I finished Total Eclipse....including the before you go grab it and be dissapointed...know the following facts:

1. I can barely play guitar. And I do that 900x better than I sing.
2. My voice is nothing like Bruce..especially on this song where he growls a lot.
3. I was laughing my ass of as I did this...cause I can't take me singing seriously.
4. This was two takes. It was all I could take. For a while, I contemplated trying to do a real good job and perform multiple takes to get a perfect track..but then I listened to myself and realized that was never gonna happen.

..yea..I know..excuses, excuses. I had fun though. I promise not to sing anymore...excpet maybe backing vox. :p

I think I did a pretty good job on the mix/mastering though. I've listened to it on several reference

The players:
Drums - Maidenman
Bass - Eddies Cellmat
Guitar/solo1 - Ironcross
Guitar/solo2 - Rabies
botched vocals - Rabies
Mixed/mastered by - Rabies.

Let the tomato throwing begin! :eek:
Got it! Of course it's way better than you give yourself credit for Rabies. I'm glad you finally did it. Now we have to get everyone else to step up and do one. Who's the next victim? Ec? Constantine? :devil:

BTW, you also picked a hell of a hard song to try and sing.

When I recorded Women, I laughed at myself throughout...actually exclaiming after a couple of takes..."Man that sounded like shit!" All the while laughing about it and telling my inner critic to shut the hell up. I ended up keeping those parts anyway.

Good job!:)
Thanks for the kind words guys! =) what did you think about the mix itself? I am getting closer to how I envision my mixes to be. I don't normally want so much reverb on the vocals/solos..but Crossy put quite a bit on his in order to match, I beefed up the reverb on my solo and my vocals...I think it sounds fairly consistant overall.
I thought the mix sounded really good. I was really paying more attention to your vox though, which I liked. Especially the high part, which is hard for me to do.
How did you record your vox? What kind of Mic, effects, etc...?
Shure SM58.
Ran it into the POD..of all things..because I don't have a better mic-preamp to run it through. I turned the hardware compressor on the POD on just slightly, and recorded it 100% dry. All effects were put on after the fact...which included splitting the vox into 4 tracks.. 2 with mega-reverb...panned hard left and hard unaltered straight down the middle..and a 4th with light chorus and a single low echo on it....oh..and I ran some compression on the wav file after recording..but before putting it into the mix with the effects.

The high parts were actually easier to sing for me than the verses. I did those first. The problem with this song for me in the verses was the fact that Bruce put a lot of 'growl' into his voice..and I am sure you can relate voice just can't really do that without sounding dumb. 7th has that nailed....must be a natural talent thing...yea..I guess you are right...this was a pretty tough song to sing..:D
That's a good idea you had running your mic through the pod as a preamp.:cool:
I'm with you on the growl thing...I don't know how people do that.
It tears my throat up just to get a little bit of a growl.
Singers like Sebastian Bach who pull off the most gut wrenching screams and voices without doing a whole lot of damage to their voice baffle me.

I envy you for being able to sing that high part easily. It's definitely a stretch for me. Some days I can sing that kind of stuff but it seems that these days my voice is losing it's ability to do much in the upper range.
Damn Rabies, I'm listening to it right now, and I'm impressed! :headbang:

Your delivery is right on the money, and you've got more power in your voice than you give yourself credit for. I thought that the timbre of your voice came out sounding very natural for metal. You'd really ought to keep working on it, and sing on some more stuff... are there any tunes you'd like to do? :cool:
..and that is pretty much what I still think of my singing. I know you guys are just being nice to not hurt my feelings. ;)

...its appreciated anyway. :D

But I am geared up to try Enter Sandman. That still needs vox right?
Oh, and Mr. Hyde, I just listened to your "Women in Uniform"! This one is over-the-top excellent! I just love this song, and you've certainly nailed it! The backing vox and everything is head-on :) All I can say is that IMG now has four excellent vocalists! I wonder how many more of you guys will turn out to be vocal pro's? :)