a hard question


Jun 3, 2001
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tell me just one band name and one song which have a very big place in your life
i know it isn't easy to choice one
but i think there is always an unique band and song
for me
song:moonshield (in flames)
Band: In Flames
Song: I dont think I could name just one....but right now I say At The Gates, Slaughter of the Soul...only cos its the only one I can think of off hand....I would be hear all day otherwise...
Hmmm, I won't count Opeth here, because otherwise this would be rather boring...

Band: Dark Tranquillity
Song: Crimson (by Edge of Sanity)

-Villain (np: "The Funeral Portrait")
Band : Mr Bungle

Mr Bungle has changed the whole way I think about music and introduced me to lots of styles I didn't understand before.

Song : Master of the Wind (Manowar)

Maybe I should share the story with you. I was 14 perhaps, on the ninth grade anyway, and I was on this camp. Ummh...post-confirmation thing. Don't know if you guys have these things, but for those who don't know, confirmation is a christian thing almost everyone here go through, and if you want, you can participate some training after that, and then you can be a leader on confrimation camps. I don't do that shit in any way anymore, but at that age I was very christian.

So it was night, we were on this big cottage, girls and boys in the same BIG room. A bit earlier I had sat in a corner alone with my guitar, singing and playing Master of the Wind. I thought nobody listened. But soon someone (can't recall who) came and said "Why wouldn't you play us all the song you sang a while back there."
So I did. And they fucking liked listening to me singing and playing. The song itself became a big hit too, we played it on every camp to "kids", as we also used Amorphis' instrumentals for relaxing moments and so on....But the thing they wanted to hear me sing...it changed my life forever. I used to be shy as hell you know. I owe a lot to that particular song.

On the other hand it really can be quite bothering to have to sing wherever I go ;) Last year we were on this festival and it was 4 am and my friend came outside my tent when I was about to sleep, shouting "COME OUT AND PLAY MASTER OF THE WIND!!!!" And he wouldn't stop until I did :)
As someone else said on this post - I won't answer with Opeth, because that is why we are here.

To date:
Band: Grip Inc.
Song: Hostage to Heaven

Hard question, because depending on your age, there are more songs that you've grown up with to choose from. I grew up with Led Zeppelin as my favorite band - at that time, there was nothing "harder" or more original, though even then, the polls never made them #1, because even today, the majority of music listeners get sold on the crap that's rammed down our throats- top 40, etc, etc.