a hard question

Band: Tool (I don't like them as much as I used to but they were THE band that got me into music.
Song: Opiate (Tool) (This song just spoke to me, I was already doubting Christianity and this song just emphasized my doubts and helped me escape)

Album: Still Life (The first time I heard Opeth was Still Life, this album got me into blackmetal and a lot of different kinds of metal I had never known about earlier)
Barring Opeth,

Band: Iron Maiden
Song: Serenades [Anathema]
Album: Turn Loose the Swans [My Dying Bride]
Band: Opeth
Album: Morningrise
Song: Blackrose Immortal -Hearse

OK, now, see how hard it is when you try to name bands other than Opeth. That's the real challenge. ;) Took me too long to recount. :p


What came and distorted your sight.