a hard question

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Graveless Soul: Your right, there seems to be no one here that likes Led Zeppelin :eek:
And i was wondering if your in the band Solace Denied?

Sorry, feeling a bit Dazed and Confused at the moment!

I'm not actually in SD, but I do help out a lot whenever I can....

Why do you ask?
Graveless Soul: Thats ok, cause i saw that their webmaster can do other websites for people, and i just wanted to know if he could do one for me. But its ok now, i know he will charge me for it hahah :p
I'm down with Zep..

I love Trampled Underfoot. Used to listen to it at work all the time. It's a tall order for a song to make me happy.. but that one does, and I don't know why ;)
Confessor: Actually, I am the webmaster!

Like I said on the message, let me know what you want and I may well consider it. It all helps towards my portfolio. You'd be surprised what I may consider worthy!!

"Ten Years Gone" has to be up there with "Babe" aswell....
"Your right, there seems to be no one here that likes Led Zeppelin." -Confessor

Oh no. No no no. Led Zeppelin got me going on a righteous path many years ago. I listened to them then like I listen to Opeth now. Bon -Y-Aur Stomp is fun. :) How about No Quarter, The Lemon Song!, Thank You, Gallows Pole, Tangerine! Yeah, I'm a big fan of Zeppelin. Down By The Seaside, The Rain Song...

Gwen, I had that song (I just want you) stuck in my head for like all of last week. I don't know why, but anyways, I forgot about it and then today I saw that post. :loco: O'well!

Band: Tool
Song: In The Evening ;)
Album: Ride The Lightning


As the piper plays his time.
Band- Opeth
Song- Tall Ships by Artension
Album-Biomech (Ocean machine)

also I must mention Under the Moonspell, as it was the first "black" metal album I ever purchased, back in '94....
Band: Dream Theater
Song: Steve Vai - Hand on Heart

And here's another Zeppelin fan for you... I don't really listen to them much anymore, but they are far and away the most important band I've ever listened to.
In my case, it all comes down to Anathema, the album "Judgement", the song "One Last Goodbye"...

NP: Miles Davis - My Funny Valentine
Band : Opeth
Song : In Flames - Eppisode 666 , everytime i hear that song it gives me the chill's , when I seen them live , I was always singin out Eppisode 666 , then when they played it , I went fucking nut's , everytime I hear that song it reminds me of seeing them live and freakin out , so it's a rush to listen to it
The album would have to be Grace and the song would have to be the title track or Last Goodbye. There's just something about that Buckley man.