A Question For The Death Metal Fans

shit that hasnt been mentioned:

deeds of flesh - path of the weakening
funebre - children of the scorn
immolation - here in after, failures for gods
Cynical said:
or the Iron Maiden-esque galloping riffs, and tell me that they haven't gained a remarkable similarity to Dissucktion's "Iron Maiden with a BM aesthetic" style.

Yeah, too bad the "galloping riffs" that you speak of are derived from a completely different harmonic paradigm than the galloping riffs of Iron Maiden. Also, since the Iron Maiden comparison doesn't hold true neither does the "Dissucktion" comparison hold any water. Once and for all, please shut your Prozak fellating mouth.
xxChaoticManifestoxx said:
I say we drag him into a dark room, beat the shit out of him, strip him of his clothes and stick him in a box where we fill with mongooses.

I really wasn't expecting to laugh after reading this, but :lol: