Are modern emo/metalcore bands the new glam metal?

Was emo like the new glam?

  • Yes.

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  • No.

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  • At this point, it's hard to tell.

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Exactly, those are all great albums, no matter how hard or edgy which ones are compared to one another. For lord's sake if you watch the video I just linked, he literally stages gutting one of his stagehands with his mic stand, who breaks out squirming while Alice twists it around in his gut. That's freaking brutal.
Essentially, and he's certainly perfected it. Great rock and roll and heavy metal coupled with professional theatre level enactment of vaudevillian horror ever since '67 or so.
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Speaking of that, he's already parodying this year's election cycle, from his new "Make America Sick Again" slogan to this current segment of his act:
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That question was aimed at @Serjeant Grumbles.

I was just using H.P.'s own verbiage for the sake of counterpoint. I mean, I used quote marks, after all. Both glam metal and "emo" metalcore have a much more accessible sound and therefore attract a wider audience, most of whom would never give extreme metal the time of day. That was the point I was trying to make.
Ive always considered nu-metal to be the next trendy appeal to a larger audience movement within metal, and metalcore was more of a result of the hardcore punk and emo scenes bleeding over into metal that happened to find mainstream appeal. Nu-metal was the mainstream answer to the thrash scene, and along with it came the superficial tough guy imagery, the MTV appeal, etc (what was 'cool' in the 90s vs what was 'cool' in the 80s). To me, metalcore was more of the spawn of the hardcore punk and the emo scenes; most of the people I knew who originally grasped onto the scene were the emo kids who wanted a little metal in their life. I dont personally feel like the metalcore scene is the 00's answer to the same thing, as I think the scene ties to metal are too tenuous. I think metal started going more underground after the 90s, with the thrash bands of the 80s carrying the torch in the mainstream.

So to answer the original question, id say no.