metalcore.... the new nu metal????


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Dec 22, 2001
Columbus, Ohio
What is up with assholes constantly spreading this shit? No WAY is metalcore the new nu metal. Metalcore can easily be the most complex form of metal (just listen to Dillinger Escape Plan or other "math"-core bands) and incorporates elements of black metal, death metal, and melodic death metal far more often than they do nu metal. In fact, I can think of only a few metalcore bands that have nu metal elements, Norma Jean being the most prominent.

Metalcore is intense, diverse, emotional, and extremely violent. The music is played with a high level of musicianship for the most part, and only the lyrical focus sets it apart from the pack. Most metalcore bands use breakdowns instead of solos, and I think that breakdowns rule a LOT more than solos, so that's a good thing in my book.

Overall, I think that metalcore adds an element of passion and energy that's been missing from a lot of metal recently, it gives it a hugely revitalized feel that just kicks ass. Anyone who says metalcore is the new nu metal is a moronic sheep that doesn't want to hear something new and is completely full of shit.
I don't see anything wrong with it. I have actually been looking for a lot of new stuff to listen to. My current moods and preferences aim at something edgy like Metalcore.

For the most part, I also like Nu-Metal. I know, I "shouldn't" like Nu-Metal, it's the thing to do... but I am still young and find simple, straight forward "angry" music soothing at times.

I don't know. I see it this way: Metalcore offers "anger" but is complex and emotional as you have said.

I will see. What's THE BEST Metalcore band at the moment?
Metalcore is nothing like nu metal. I actually like a lot of metalcore, like Ion Dissonance, Dillenger Escape Plan, Shai Hulud, Hatebreed, Diecast, Burnt By The Sun, etc.. I don't see why some people associate metalcore with nu metal.
Me and my bass player/friend call this type of music "kick in the nuts metal" because the vocalists sound like guys who are screaming because someone, well, you get it, I do not.
Metalcore really just isn't my style. There's nothing wrong with it, and I admit, I don't listen to much of it, but I'd rather just listen to something else. 'Anger music' doesn't attract me much, nor does lack of solos.
There are 2 things that turn me away from Metalcore.

1) the majority of metalcore bands that do clean vocals of any kind, do whiney emo vocals as opposed to real singing, which i cant fucking stand.

2) Breakdowns! now i like a good breakdown now and again, but a lot of them are the exact same, its just the generic open low E power chord going "CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG" and then usually allows the singer to go "I WANT TO SEE THIS PLACE BECOME A FUCKING JAILHOUSE RIOT, THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO FUCKING DESTROY EACH OTHER, I NEED BLOOD ON THE FLOOR!!!" Thats even more lame than the bands that dress up in gauntlets and corpse paint, because at least those bands will admit they are being rediculous (for the most part)
LuminousAether said:
If by "real singing" you mean cocksmokery like Bruce Dickinson, I'd rather hear ANYTHING than that. Literally. I'd rather hear Fred Durst whine-rap over that power metal wankery.

AWWW, c'mon, that is just a ridiculous statement.
Actually alot of metalcore bands totally sound the same, the two best that I can think of right now are it dies today and between the buried and me? and however posted that thing about the "mosh calls" well Most bands don't say things as dumb as that except for like hatebreed, terror and throwdown.
killthisday said:
Actually alot of metalcore bands totally sound the same, the two best that I can think of right now are it dies today and between the buried and me? and however posted that thing about the "mosh calls" well Most bands don't say things as dumb as that except for like hatebreed, terror and throwdown.
The only band I like that does mosh calls is Pro-Pain
Of course many metalcore bands sound the same. Many indie rock bands sound the same. Many jazz bands sound the same. Many death metal bands sound the same. Many black metal bands sound the same. The majority of EVERY genre EVER created consists of copycats. That is not a negative thing, as it is universal and if it were considered a negative aspect of a genre, every genre would suck.

I think it is highly telling that you say It Dies Today is one of the best metalcore bands I would definitely say that they are one of the most generic metalcore bands I have heard if not THE most generic.

One metalcore band that slipped my mind that absolutely rules is Every Time I Die. That band is fucking wicked, and they definitely have their own sound. Of course, they have influences, such as Dillinger Escape Plan, Drowningman, and Glassjaw, but every band has influences.

Sikth is also a metalcore band that is really sweet, pulling in influences from Faith No More into the metalcore mix.
itd generic? your the first person that i've heard/seen say that. but yea etid is amazing although I don't know if i'd call them "metalcore"
Poison the Well is my favorite, but my other favorites (still making metalcore) include:

Converge (at least I think they are still around)



Calling Poison the Well a metalcore band is a stretch. Don't get me wrong, I used to be a big fan, being as I consider "The Opposite of December" one of the best hardcore albums of all time, but their new material is so painfully bad, it makes me want to cry. "Tear From the Red" was mediocre at best, and the new demos "Ghostchant" and "Zombies are Good For Your Health" are terrible. Nevertheless, Poison the Well is a straight-up HARDCORE band to me, since they don't have any metal elements incorporated into their music at all. Now they just sound like emo bullshit.

Converge is awesome, although my favorite of the subgenre is probably Every Time I Die. They're incredible, and definitely the most original metalcore band available to the public. You should check out 7 Angels 7 Plagues if you like metalcore, I think you'd like them.
Poison the Well... not metalcore? The Opposite of December is the EPITOMY of metalcore. Everything about that album screams metal, except for the emo parts.

Tear from the Red wasn't as good as You Come Before You or The Opposite of December, but it was much better than Distance Only Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, and it was rather fucking good.

You Come Before You, the newest PTW, is definitely their best album. It's not really metalcore anymore, as it dropped most of the metal influence, but it's not hardcore either. More of a space rock influenced post hardcore. It's definitely their most innovative and original album, there's nothing else out there that sounds like it at all.