DT song survivor round 4: Creation holds its breath

- A Bolt Of Blazing Gold (one of the masterpieces from Skydancer, tough choice though)
- Lethe (Lethe is better than Hedon and The Gallery is better than The Mind's I, simple...)
- Punish My Heaven (simply a classic, can't be missed out)
- Of Chaos and Eternal Night (this song rips and is one the most intense DT songs ever, don't you dare underrate this song damnit!!)
Whats with all these evil misguided people who think Hedon is better than Lethe? :p

Ok, here goes...

A bolt of blazing gold (I prefer the name)

LETHE!! (its a piece of f***ing genius!)

Edenspring(I had to tose a coin for this. I am seriously tempted to hunt down and kill you Ormir)

Of chaos and eternal Night (I happen to like headbanging too much)
Four more days to vote/swap votes, 32 votes in all:

The Gallery - A Bolt of Blazing Gold 13-19
Lethe - Hedon 17-15
Punish My Heaven - Edenspring 24-8
The Wonders at Your Feet - Of Chaos and Eternal Night 19-13

@Wanderingblade: You tipped the situation for Lethe, but I'll forgive you for voting Of Chaos...

@Villain: We could use some of your commentary now ;)

@Hedon fans: I'm sure you could get more Hedon votes by changing your vote from Wonders to Of Chaos, since most of the Of Chaos voters voted for Lethe.
A Bolt of Blazing Gold - Easy pick, The Gallery is no match against ABoBG's sheer beauty

Lethe - This one was hard, I like Hedon more nowadays, but Lethe was my favorite for a long time, this vote can be changed though *hint*

Punish My Heaven - Easiest one...I don't know why you people like Edenspring so much.

The Wonders at Your Feet - This would have been a difficult one but I came back from school today playing TWaYF over and over again so...
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~Kovenant (starts flippin through his Therion cd booklets looking for the spell to summon evil pagan forces against his enemies)

if you ever happen to find the recipe for a strawberry cake just pay me a call. it must be there somewhere, i remember seeing it last time i was looking for the rune of cold and the rune of flu. :)

rahvin. (disturbed by how things are going on um)
The poll is closed! The survivors:

A Bolt of Blazing Gold
Lethe - Hedon (?)
Punish my Heaven
The Wonders at Your Feet

The situation between Lethe and Hedon isn't clear. Two voters refused to choose between the two, taking neither. In the past, I've always chosen for them, usually the one that was going to lose/win anyway. This time, the situation is tight, and if I assumed both votes were for Hedon, it would win, same for Lethe. One vote for each would tie the songs. This is why I'm going to have a tie-breaker poll.
I don't see a tie, it was a clear 18-16 with Lethe winning, and imho those who didn't vote for either should simply not be counted :err:
The only reason i go for the poll is that it was too early for this couple, but i also think it should be a post-poll :/