Favourite Opeth Moments

I'd say the heavy as hell guitar breakdown in Serenity Painted Death, that begins with the simple power chord slide riff then goes mind-numbingly technical.
Every single note, on every single track send shivers down my spine!
But I think there's one moment when I almost come to tears! It's the ending of Epilogue... (Till Fjalls, you're RIGHT!);)
I love the sudden change in Bleak, from clean vocals to grunt! (Night fall again taking what's left of me...slight twist...)

Johan...i would just like to say i love your name for starters!! And also, youre two responses in this thread are the exact same as mine...your poetry is breath-taking and you have a fabulous talent!
1. Just one second........ (till end)
2. Bass lick about 3.20 on Advent.
3. by the turnstile......
4. Searching my way to perlexion, in crumbling faith......
5. losing sleep in too deep....
6. When can I take you......
7. Heal myself.....
8. And you are just like them all...
9. Help me cure you.....
10. Leave me speechless....
well i agree with all of you. there are so many great opeth momentes but i gotta say my 5 most favourites are:

1. Epilouge....!!!

2. The Lepper Affinity ( Deafening Shrieks pierced the night.....(7:45) if u havnt closely listend to that its one of the most powerfull things ever heard!!

3. The Apostle in Triumph ( OPEN YOUR SOUL..REDEEM I AM IMMORTAL ..serioulsy growl that like mikael does and u will feel like fucking god!!

4. To Bid you Farwell ( "Devotion eludes....")!!

5. Serenity Painted Death ( Red line round her neck KURGHHH) that grunt is viscous and makes me smile all the time at its goodness.

yeh thank god for opeth
Whole ADVENT . Forest Of October solo then the 'magic' riff . Master Apprentice transition when goes acoustic . 3 of 5000 :]
My current favourite:
"Melinda reflected in shafts" from SPD

Others: "white face, haggard grin/this serenity painted death" in SPD

"your voice is vast and achromatic but still so precious" from Black Rose Immortal (around 11:50)

"mist ripples 'round your thin white neck and draws me a line/cold fingers mark this dying wreck, this moment is mine" from bleak

the soft/heavy vocal transition in master's apprentices

the soft vocals at the end of the drapery falls

"Demon... demon of the fall"
So many great moments, I'll choose one from each album.

The Apostle in Triumph --
"The only way to folloooooooowoohohowhoh
awwww awwww awwww
awwww awwww awwww

Advent --
The whole song after "we survey the slopes".

When --
"This day wept on my shoulders...
still the same as yesterday....
this path seems endless...
body is numb...
the soul has lost its flame....
walking in familiar traces...
(...to find my way back home...)"

White Cluster --
All the clean parts.

Blackwater Park --
"Sick liasons raised this monumental mark,
the sun sets forever over...
Blackwater Park."

Wreath --
The last 2 minutes or so. Especially the parts with alternating clean and hydralisk vocals.

Windowpane --
The last verse.
In Deliverance, at the 10 minute mark, at around 9:55, when he says "Laughing at me...". The song makes a transition into the most amazing guitar riffs backed up by drums, and it sounds awesome. It's as if the guitar is playing in common time and the other is playing in a completely different time. Try tapping the guitar with your feet and drumming the drum part with your hands and you'll see what I mean.

Other than that, the first time I heard Mikael shout


on When I got chills down my spine. :)
how come noone mentioned this!!!!

the final scream in "Blackrose immortal" that almost lasts 20 seconds!!! its fucking amazing [not becuase of the duration but the scream itself is just wow]


4:30 on In the mist she was standing... Mikaels voice goes all high on a scream, fucking great...

a lot of moments actually... like someone said, pretty much every Opeth song has something in it that someone holds dear.

i love Opeth...
The Apostle in Triumph (6:30) - this play is unbelievable (for my neck ;) )
Black Rose Immortal -when mika screams "IN DARKNESS" and at the end "at night i always of dream you". pure gosse pimples....
April Ethereal - "i don't how or why. and i'll never know WHEN." this play has a special meaning to me...
When - the whole song is special !!!!!!!
Face of Melinda - reminds me of a special person, which was very important to me for a long time...
Dirge for November - reminds me of the goddamn life....this song is awesome....
A fair judgement - i had a hard time dealin with a girl. i've heard this song very often in this time....
Weak - it has an incredible atmosphere....
Godhead's Lament.. the whole part from approx. 2:55 to 5:50, especially the kind of bluesy guitar bit at like 4:45. The way the song transforms so smoothly from heavy to soft. Awesome.
Every second of To Bid You Farewell.

The midsection of Godhead's Lament.

When the distortion comes in at the end of Face of Melinda.

"And I would give anything to see you again" part of The Night and the Silent Water. Its so emotional, sad, and desperate. Thats moving music right there.

When the vocals hit at the beginning of Demon of the Fall, as well as the end "Run away" section.

The outro to Deliverance.
Ok, here we go:


In Mist She Was Standing

Headbanging like crazy at this part:

'With anger, the wind it blew
Giving wings to my stallion
Clouds gathered across the moon
Blazing the white light
...Blazing the white light!

Passing the lake I know so well
I am near, yet so far away

I saw her shadow in the darkness
Awaiting me like the night awaits the day
Standing silent, smiling at my presence
A black candle holds the only light (that's so awesome, how he works a pseudo-clean voice into his roar)

(The awesome riff that enters at 7:15, and then the following riff)

Oooooooo darkness encloses
And the candle seem(s) to exPIRE in her cold, cold hand
And as a forlorn soul, it will fade away




she was standing...'

And then all following music

Sorry I posted so much from that one song, but SHIT it's amazing.

Under the Weeping Moon

'Riding the fires of the northern gold
I have searched the eye
I laugh under the weeping moon...'

And then, of course, the quiet, atmospheric section where everything is perfect. Then...


The Twilight Is My Robe

'Unto you I whisper the wildest dreams
In the coldness of night

That melody is breathtaking, and it's one of the main reasons I listen to the song. Copy and paste rest of song.

The Apostle In Triumph

'In solitude I wander
Through the vast, enchanted forest

'The only way to follow
Ahhhhh, ahhhhhh, ahhhhhh
Ahhhhhh, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhh
Ahhhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhh
Ahhhhhh, ahhhhhh, ahhhhhh'


The Night And The Silent Water

'Am I like them?
Those who mourn and turn away
Those who would give anything to see you again
If only for another second...'

That is heartbreaking. I think of so many things when I hear it.

My next favorite part is the heartwrenching buildup to the 'You sleep in the night...' part. Ah God, I get chills.


The melody that plays during the 'Ooo, bring me through/Carry my empty shadow' part. The low countermelody is what does it for me.

Black Rose Immortal

'Lullaby of the crescent moon took you...
...Black rose immortal...'

I abbreviated it because it's too much to type, but the melodies being played during that whole section are... well... what can I say? They're the reason I listen to the song.

Next would be...

'It's getting dark again
Dusk shuffle(s) across the field
The evening trees moan as if they knew
At night I always dream of you'

And the final explosion, with those doomy guitars and the second-most-awesome scream of Mikael's career (the most awesome is that INCREDIBLE one at the end of 'Karma).

To Bid You Farewell

Hm, let's see... Just 'To Bid You Farewell' is enough, but I'll pick a specific point and say, 'The climax of the song, where Mikael sings, "Devotion eludes...".'

Ok, this is enough for one post. Next post I'll cover just MAYH, because that album contains enough jaw-dropping moments for one post. After that will be Still Life and BWP, and after that will be Deliverance and Damnation. STAY TUNED.
I am just a sucker for the acoustic riff gone metal. When the main theme of BWP goes into overdrive it just reminds me of Entombed at their best. A classic piece of riffing. The same thing occurs on MAYH though i forget which tune. The third or fourth track I think.
Also the fadeout to deliverance is awesome, my Coroner memories came flooding back.
Bleak still has the most profound transition vocals for me.