What are YOUR fav Opeth tunes?

Favorites tunes, although is rather hard, see impossible, to rank them in order...I'll do my best to give justice to my own taste.

0) To Bid You Farewell (Can't rank it): Beauty beyond word....

1) Black Rose Immortal: Oddly enough, BRI isn't my favorite song at the moment, but it's fair to say it's that very song that change my life litteraly, broaden my vision of overall music, and touch me in a way that no other song ever did.

2) Harvest: One of the most inspiring, evocative song I've ever heard. Simplist song, yes...but so effective. The lyrics are absolute beauty.

3) Demon Of The Fall: Hard for me to image something more furious, evil and deliberate than this song, enough said.

4) Godhead Lament: Probably my favorite song at this very moment (could change in minutes). The clean vocals lines might are pure genious...Can't get enough of this song.

5) The Twilight Is My Robe: For me, this very song summarize quite well what Opeth is all about.

Honorable mention: In Mist She Was Standing, April Etheral, Epilogue, The Moor, Drapery Falls, Dirge For November.

Note: I did not include Deliverance's songs...and I'll not discuss about them until the official release in November 4th.
The Drapery Falls
Demon Of The Fall
Patterns II
Still Day
To Bid You Farewell
April Ethereal
Funeral Portrait
Serenity Painted Death
The Moor
White Cluster
In The Mist She Was Standing
Under The Weeping Moon

Fuck it, I'll just say nearly every bloody song ever made by O is fantatic IMO.

1. Black Rose Immorta
2. Demon Of The Fall
3. The Moor
4. Forest Of October
5. The Night And The Silent Water
6. Nectar
7. Wreath
8. When
9. Blackwater Park
10. In The Mist She Was Standing
If I had to list my 10 favorite Opeth songs, the list would be:
In order by release:
1. In Mist She Was Standing
2. Forest of October
3. Advent
4. Black Rose Immortal
5. April Ethereal
6. When
7. Epilogue
8. The Moor
9. Godhead's Lament
10. Bleak

Overall favorite song is either The Moor, or In Mist She Was Standing.
I like the random idea. it's too hard otherwise:

Demon of the Fall
the Moor
April Ethereal
To Bid you Farewell
By the Pain I see in others
Black Rose Immortal
In order of release (from my own "Best Of" CD):

1. In Mist She Was Standing
2. Forest of October
3. Black Rose Immortal
4. April Ethereal
5. Moonlapse Vertigo
6. The Drapery Falls

Unfortunately, that's all I could fit.

Overall Best: In Mist She Was Standing- Just lie down, close your eyes, and let this song carry you away.

Honorable Mention: The rest of Orchid, To Bid You Farewell, Demon Of The Fall, Epilogue (yes, Epilogue), The Moor, Face of Melinda, The Leper Affinity, Blackwater Park, and too many others to mention.
* Forest Of October
* The Twilight Is My Robe
* The Apostle In Triumph
* The Night And The Silent Water
* When
* Demon Of The Fall
* Epilogue
* Moonlapse Vertigo
* Face Of Melinda
* White Cluster
* The Leper Affinity
The Twilight is My Robe - this song never ceases to amaze me. The epic solos really round it out. This song has a bit of everything, and it's damn catchy for an old Opeth tune.

Black Rose Immortal - It's like watching an epic movie. There's plot twists and scene changes. There's so much lush imagery here..

When - Such a vital point in the plot, so emotionally portrayed.

Godhead's Lament - daaamn. Love this one - especially the ending (don't I keep going off about that trashy cymbal? ;))

Bleak - I didn't like it at first, but now the catchiness has raised it above the others on BWP. Mind you, if I had the cd right now, I'd give you a different opinion.

Can't say anything about Deliverance until I get the CD and give it a couple good hard listens.

Other favourites: Apostle in Triumph (for the last 2 minutes), To Bid You Farewell (for getting me back into acoustic guitar), Karma (the aforementioned acoustic breakdown), SPD (for unadulterated anger), and The Drapery Falls ('cos it's so so so good)

Not the most intellectual reasons for my songs of choice, and not even necessarily my first choice - without the music here, it's hard for me to make a judgement call.. but really, there's no song I even dislike a little anymore. All Opeth has come under a blanket of goodness that cannot be removed. :lol: Deliverance better be amazing.
I'm just going to list my favorite off each album:
  • The Apostle In Triumph
  • Black Rose Immortal
  • When
  • White Cluster
  • Bleak
  • Blackwater Park(I have to have two for this album!)
  • Masters Apprentices(For those of you who haven't been impatient like me and downloaded it, this is my favorite from Deliverance!)
Originally posted by Elysian Blaze

[5]: Bleak - There's not really too much to say about this one. Songs this catchy should not be legal. Steve Wilson's vocals are so soft and smooth [sounds like a hair commercial, no?]. They almost seem like aural silk. Also, this happens to be one of the songs with my favorite set of lyrics.

Hmmm, the clean vocals in Bleak aren't Mikael?

Originally posted by Elysian Blaze
I wasn't necessarily ripping your choice, my friend. I find Silhouette to be a beautiful song, too, but it's a song that could be found on a lot of other metal albiums, not to mention any other Opeth album. I just thought that you would pick something that more embodies Opeth... something that the actual band was involved in creating. [shrugs]

Your point is good, especially since I was being ironic. "Silhouette" is not my favorite song, and I don't have any Motley Crue CDs.
I'm just gonna pick two songs from each album...

1. The Apostle In Triumph
2. Forest Of October
3. Black Rose Immortal
4. To Bid You Farewell
5. Demon Of The Fall
6. April Ethereal
7. The Moor
8. Face Of Melinda
9. Harvest
10. The Drapery Falls
11. Deliverance
12. By The Pain I See In Others