My single favorite Opeth "moment"

You know, 7:46 in The Drapery Falls is awesome.. even though it's not a long (can't find the right word for it) instance (?) it's perfectly brilliant.. from the smashing deathgrowls and guitarfreaking it suddenly switches over to some serious glamour and all :) .. well, have many other moments to tell about, but this one in particular.. it's something special about it :) also, the ending of the same song is great. guess I like the intro and the beginning, since it's the same thing :) perfect!
I love the E-Bow part in Bleak, from 6:40-7:19. It's awesome.

Also, the transition from the solo at 8:14 into the acoustic part in Deliverance. That part blows me away.

And, there's the part in A Fair Judgement when the first distorted guitars come in and it has that little extra badass part from 2:26-2:28.

Another is from 3:16-4:22 in Serenity Painted Death when he sings, "Saw her fading..."

Finally, there's the end to Face Of Melinda, from 6:10 on, but especially after 6:38.

Those are a very small few of ever so many moments in Opeth's amazing music that totally rule.
About 5:00 in The Night and the Silent Water
Also about 5:00 in Nectar
Intro to Apostle In Triumph (some say it's the end of Requiem)
The second riff (I think) of When, it is just simple chord changes with Mike singing then a solo comes in
To clarify my earlier post. My favorite part from April Ethereal which got me into Opeth is on:



"A threshold I crossed before" ;-)
first choice) the night and the silent water.


"your face was like a photograph, painted white, we didnt speak about it very often about it, what does matter now...what does matter now"

its the lyrics at do it for me there.

because of the fact that mikael sees his uncle dying as a child.

second choice) the moor 4.26 "i was foul and tainted, deviod of faith wearing my death mask at birth."

5.12 -the moor

third choice) by the pain i see in others 8.14-8.21 (only a few seconds but seriously reminds me of old inflames-inflames at 4.48 that guitar effeect sounds so mad.

I just realized about a week ago, that "The night and the Silent Water" from 1:00 - 5:00 is my favorite opeth moment... i know thats a long "moment" but it fits together perfectly, the heavy part, the acoustic part, the lyrics.. vocals... yes.
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As far as I'm concerned, 2:42 into "Dirge for November" is the single most exciting & awe-inspiring moment in any Opeth song on any Opeth album (I've yet to hear the new one, however).
Those few seconds of beautiful guitar are what music's all about, IMO.

And to my shock, I've read fans here stating that this is one of their least fav Opeth tunes!?!??!?! :eek:
I have all my Opeth albums on vinyl, so I don't know the timings, but I think it's the same riff I'm thinking of. It's the one after the distortion first comes on and this lead guitar riff comes on top, right?
If so, this is my favorite Opeth moment as well. There are lots of songs that gives me chills, but no one is metal. This riff is the closest to come to that feeling in metal! :cry:
the little moment of acoustic guitar and then heaviness on Demon is indeed ingenious..

"grasping for another breath... she rose, screaming at close doors"...

so 'kin dynamic!

I really love the "I will endure" part of April Ethereal too.. but yes.. too many moments to mention...
I dont hear many people talk about BWP but the single most awe-inspiring and defining opeth moment for me is at 5:35 or so into Blackwater Park where after that 2 minute acoustic passage the main bwp riff comes crashing back in. Mind you the song sucks after that moment but that 10 seconds is pure bliss.
To Bid You Farewell from the build up at 6:05 (bass bit) all the way through to the entrance of the electric and the break down of drums at 7:07. This is only one of my fav moments...but it fucken rocks.

And fuck yes Demon of the Fall.

I love prologue on MAYH tho :D,

so many great moments

can't really say I have a favorite moment, but the epic growl 18.59 in Black Rose Immortal is just awesome... wonder if he can do that live?
The most emotional ive ever been to opeth is the first time i listened to the twilight is my robe
i couldnt stop laughing/crying/jumping for joy when i heard that song
in Godheads Lament
those 2 lines

"What would they care if i did stay - no-one would know"
"What would they care if i did stay - no-one should know"

that is IMO the most emotional/medolic lines sung in an opeth song

also the first two lines in Credence!!!
I'm sort of surprised that no one has listed what my favorite Opeth "moment" is...

4:58 into Moonlapse Vertigo, after the little acoustic/clean buildup, there's that little jazz riff/fill/segue that lasts a single bar, but makes me giddy everytime I haer it. A riff like that should have no right to be in a song like this, or played by any other band, but it just makes total sense, and is just beautiful.
Damn, did I just skim over it or did no one mention these:

1:23 When, the one measure of acoustic guitar, then the most excellent driving riff in history... :)

5:10 Blackwater Park ... damn... the vocals that ensue here are some of the darkest shit ever.

1:27 Serenity Painted Death... needs no explanation

7:46 Masters Apprentices... damn, that's evil.

4:01 The Drapery Falls, I couldn't even believe what I was hearing, the first time I listened to it.

Still, my favorite would have to be from The Moor... "...Ungodly freak, defiler..."