Top 5 Least Favorite Opeth Songs

I think someone mentioning blackwater park was quite odd, quite odd indeed.
Why does everyone hate By the Pain I See in Others? :cry: I think it's awesome and a standout in Opeth's catalogue. I know some people have complained about the ending but that's not really "part" of the song, just a hidden track kinda thing...
ya.. that song is one of the greatest and if you can't appreciate it then you are failure.
By the Pain.. is a great song indeed. Lots of stuff happening in it.

Come to think about it,no one ever mentions Benighted on either "good" lists or "bad" lists,

If you look in my list earlier in this thread you'll see it there.
heh, Well the I mentioned Blackwater Park.. But I was quite weirded out to see "By the Pain..." and "The Funeral Portrait" mentioned! BWP just has a different feel than the rest of the album from which it takes it's name... I don't dislike it, but because it stands out as different to me on the album I don't think I appreciate it as much... Although listening to it on Roundhouse Tapes is enough to make me change my mind honestly.
1.) Silhouette
2.) Reverie / Harlequin Forest

Those are the only two that I will fast-forward through. It's a bit weird that I don't dig Harlequin Forest anymore, because that was at first my favorite track from GR. EDIT: I suppose I agree with the first post on that song. It's the only Opeth song where I've said "Ok, did they really need to go through that riff 8 times?"
Opeth kicks ass by anyone's standards. Mikael's clean vocals are extremely good, even in the non-metal world. Songwriting is good, and so on and so on. For a death metal band, Silhouette is pretty cool. But just for a death metal band. That makes it my least favorite Opeth song.
As far as actual full length songs go:

1. Windowpane
2. By the Pain I See in Others
3. Wreath
4. Death Whispered a Lullabye
5. Apostle in Triumph (besides the intro which rules and also is supposed to be attached to the last song)
I used to really not like BWP (the song and the album overall). I thought the title track was boring as fuck and a couple other songs were too. But it grew on me with time and now I think the title track is fuckin' classic, amazing, and the album overall is quite stellar.
I dont really get how anyone can hate benighted but its someones personal opinion and im not going to get in the way of that a few moneths ago i would of said the funeral potriat because that intro riff is just so damn corny but the riffage after that is really fucking good so im just not sure Seeing as i love all Opeth songs I am going to have to put.............

1) By the pain i see in others
2)forest of winter................
3) The funeral portrait...............................and after that i really cant think of any more