Your Favorite Opeth "Moment"

The first time I heard Nectar and Mike is just balls out "I SWEAR I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU" was very cool.

The first time, and every damn time, I hear the passage (thought I could not leave this place on this imminent day) in Godhead's Lament is a 'stop everything and fucking listen to it' moment. heh, its one of just a few parts that I've actually told people to shut the fuck up in the car and listen to it
Although it's not my favourite part I'd like to mention the part from Godhead's Lament near the end when he's going ahhh-ahhhh ah-ahhhhh and growling over top of it. The "night falls again, taking what's left of meeee" part at the end of Bleak where he starts growling the "shivering corpse" part is sweet too. I think that he should start overlapping singing and growling more often, although that'd be hard to reporduce live.
I remembered one more;) :
It was New Years Eve, everybody was drunk like hell, I was nearly standing on my feet.. I managed to get to the stereo and played DEMON OF THE FALL... I felt some magical new strength and started headbagning like an idiot;) I'm pretty sure I smashed one bottle of vodka from the table using my head;) (there was little space there). Demon gave me strength:D
Last week I was playing The Drappery Falls on my acoustic guitar and my mom said "This music is beautiful, why don't you play things like that more often?".
That was the first time my mom recognised the high quality of the music I like, I was pleased. :p