Your Favorite Opeth "Moment"


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May 19, 2001
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Let me explain:

I'm not talking about how much you love a song, or your favorite guitar solo in an Opeth song. I'm talking about an instant in time - probably instances that occurred the first time you heard an Opeth song.

Here's two of those instances that come to my mind - and these moments occurred the first time I heard either of these songs:

1. Demon of the Fall - so here I am listening to a heavy deep song with Mikael growling at his finest. Then comes that "moment": I arrive at this bridge, and this incredible change from a heavy pounding to this amazing guitar bridge. I swear at that moment, my spine stood up.

2. Closure - I'm not usually listening to lyrics too closely, but I'm gripped the first time listning to this song. Then the words: "In the rays of the sun, I am longing for the darkness" which for whatever reason, I just immediately fall in love with that verse. Little did I know that was the ending of the build-up: again, as in Demon of the Fall, the first note of the outtro is struck, and I feel this shock of amazement go through me - it was like I was struck hard with an invisible beam of music.

So - any "moments" you'd like to share?
Don't know if this is it. But well, I was going to bed, and put deliverance on. When I got to the end, I was almost asleep, but not quite. I was in a very spesial state, like in a trance or something. Was kinda awesome.

Another time, I was playing For Absent Friend on a somewhat high volume, and I was not really listening to the music, so I was not "aware" of the fact that Masters Apprentice was the next song. MA started, and I was like "WOW! Thats one hell of a passage.

Edit: Well, I didnt read closely, and just found out that it was the FIRST TIME you had heard the song. Well to my defence, it was kinda early those impressions came.
THE moment of mine must've been my first real experience with Opeth. I managed to sneak off with a mates copy of Morningrise, and it was the first time I actualy sat down and just listened.
That intro to Advent realy grabbed me by the balls... but holy shit the moment that one riff comes in (the riff where the vocals start) I was just utterly blown away, beyond description.
It still happens every time I listen to Advent...
the first opeth song i ever heard was 'demon of the fall' and i knew an epic love affair with the band was going to occur after i hear the melodic guitar masterpeice and mike's soothing vocals calling "run away, run away" about 4:40 into the song....beautiful...
The acoustic passage between 2.47 and 5.10 in Blackwater Park, the first time I ever heard the song (and the band), completely put me into trance, thinking about the divine source this music is coming from! Those shivers.. amazing.. after the song I was completely lost to opethacy.
The ending (mellow) section of "Demon of the Fall" gets me everytime.

Also the entire song of "The Leper Affinity" is just fucking brilliant, especially the opening riff and when it break into the mellow acoustic/vocal passage.

In "Forest of October" the riff around 1:03 is so excellent.

In "A Fair Judgement" the acoustic part that leads into "Leave it be, it was meant for me."

The vocals in "Godhead's Lament" at the "What would they care if I did stay..." part are great.

I love the solo in "White Cluster" because its basically their only solo that fucking shreds.

And there's tons of cool bass "riffs" in "Orchid" and "Morningrise," along with the killer slap bass part near the end of BWP.

There's more, but yes.
MetalmanCPA said:
So - any "moments" you'd like to share?
Well... probably one of my first "orgasms" was during "Face of Melinda" during the "endlesslygazinginnoctournalprime/shespokeofherviceandbroketherhyme/butbaffledherselfwithherfinalline/mypromisismadebutmyheartisthine/"

The emotion and power in that line just blew me over. It was exactly how I was feeling at the time and I wallowed in it for weeks.

Another one was

"Devious movement in your eyes"

That got me.

And for about a month or two I was stuck on "The Night and the Silent Water"

I still sorta am. But since the Orlando show I've listened to nothing but Opeth and Moonspell.
so many...

0:47-1:50 in Moonlapse Vertigo the coolest riff comes in... i think about it when i'm feeling sorta down.

the classical part 3:48 into A Fair Judgement and then the dueling solos from 6:19-7:32 which pretty much cemented Mikael and Peter as my favorite guitar duo ever

the end to Closure, which i think we all agree is pure fucking genius

all of Epilogue, which is another great guitar duo thing from Mike and Peter

the whole beginning of In Mist She Was Standing was fucking stellar as well.

Opeth is so great.
- apostle in triumph

that bit slays the world... one of most underated opeth songs imo

but all time fave is the "i have kept it, the amarath symbol" verse of Black Rose Immortal,
like those lyrics and that riff...... soo emotional!!! *crys*
The first time I heard Moonlapse Vertigo. Just the song as a whole was purely magical, but the riff was 0:47-1:50 was nothing short of superhuman. a7r0phy knows what I'm talking about. ;) Including the first vocals, and the explosion of Mikael's scream. Wow. I was listening to Still Life for about 2 days after that.

Also, hearing Bleak for the first time from "I am dying fast inside your tears" totally blew my mind, and the whole part of the song up until "Night falls again. Taking what's left of me" did it again.
I'd have to say the first time I heard the chorus part in 'In My Time Of Need' (the "And I...should contemplate this change etc"), pretty much all of 'To Bid You Farewell', the ending of 'Demon Of The Fall', the parts where Mikael sings cleanly in 'Deliverance', the end of 'Bleak' where "Night falls again, taking whats left of me" and the growling comes in behind it...that's awesome too. Oh and one of the first times I was listening to 'Master's Aprentices' and it got the acoustic bit with the echo-eey guitaring about 5:20. Also to include is the first time I listened to MAYH long enough to get to 'Epilogue'. That song blew me away. As did the solo in 'A Fair Judgement'. And the guitaring in 'Black Rose Immortal' from about 12:20 until it goes acoustic again. Purely awesome. There's lots there and probably not what this post had in mind, but those are the kind of 'moments' where I think how much Opeth rule ;)
I hope I can explain this well:

For me, it's the part in Karma, where the AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH starts, then the drumming kicks in and that beautiful AAAAAHHHHHHHH keeps going through that, up to the part where he starts growling again. I got shivers when I first heard that, and to this day I still do. That's EXACTLY the moment I feel the...sadness of the album the most (if that makes sense). It's like I really feel like I'm listening to a ghost and not a person. This whole song is really like that, but that part is what really cements it for me.

Actually My Arms, Your Hearse has many moments like that (part of why it's my favorite album), but that one is the stand out to me.
I can't just pick apart the songs so easily! i'm thinking "hell yeah, that part in demon, and then after that, and before that and oh hell, the whole thing" Its all so incrediable, one i can say is the beginning to "The Moor" that begginning just prepares you for whats to come. But as far as my favorite opeth moment.... seeing them play live, twice. :)
mysweetdeath said:
Well... probably one of my first "orgasms" was during "Face of Melinda" during the "endlesslygazinginnoctournalprime/shespokeofherviceandbroketherhyme/butbaffledherselfwithherfinalline/mypromisismadebutmyheartisthine/"

The emotion and power in that line just blew me over. It was exactly how I was feeling at the time and I wallowed in it for weeks.

Yeah man, when I heard that part for the first time i was like :OMG:
There are plenty of such moments in my case;), but let me give you another one:
THE DRAPERY FALLS- the first Opeth song I have heard, the best part, when Mike starts: "Spiralling into the ground below.....", and "Waking up to your sound again...." o_O o_O o_O
Mine was probably...

I liked Opeth, and was still getting into them..
Then on my 1 hour drive home from work, Blackwater Park (the song) was playing...
the end came and the section,
"We have all... lost it now.. catching the flakes of dismay.... ")
I was blown away.. thats still one of my favorite segments...

And of course, the same as most of you, the Beautiful ending to Demon.
Whenever that part comes on, I stop everything, focus on the music and sing it....
"Run away, run away.
Just one second, and I was left with nothing.
Her fragrance still pulsating through damp air. That day came to an end.
And she had lost in me, her Credence..."
when i first heard them it was like the first 2 minutes of demon, and then i heard harvest, i was saying to myself...
this is the same fucking band?
then i heard bleak, and that just set the whole love of opeth in motion
and the first time i heard in spd that pinch man
In When...the line "Graven face, she said my name" and then that fucking epic fucking part that follows those words, my favorite drumbeat, with my favorite Opeth riff, it just sounds so fucking epic....beautiful. Also, Bleak, the whole song I couldn't get off of for like the first three months of listening to Opeth.
So there I was, within the sobriety of the immortals.
A semblance of supernatural winds passing through.
The garden sighs, flowers die.
The gate was closed that day, but I was bound to carry on.
She could not see me through the windows.
In dismay, strangest twist upon her lips.
Graven face, she said my name.


Does anyone else agree that it's a testament to Opeth's greatness that for pretty much every single part of their music, there is someone who will call it their favourite? The consistently insane quality of the music is just... wow!