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May 26, 2001
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Hey everyone,
Just thought I'd ask everyone where and when they first heard Opeth and what their first impressions were. I know alot of people who aren't used to Mikal's vocal stylings are intimidated by it and automatically equate it with evil or satanic music. Just thought I'd see what fellow fans thought. There's probably been a board on this subject but I'm a new member of the board but a LONG time Opeth lover. When I first heard Opeth it was during the Morningrise era but I heard both albums out at the time in the same day, a friend recommended them to me and had them so I barrowed both at once. Being a long time poet/artist/musician I automatically fell in love with them. Especially Orchid. I just felt out of body when I listened to both Peter and Mikal playing over each other. Not exactly something that you can properly express. But just thought I share that with fellow Opethians.

I first heard Opeth and thought it was the greatest band ever, there was no question I liked them a lot on my first listen. A person I used to talk to over the net told me about them and said I have to try out Morningrise, this was after Still Life was released. So I ordered Morningrise from CDNOW and got it a month later. I loved it and after a week of non stop listening to it I ordered Orchid, MAYH, and Still Life. My senses were overcome with so much great music it was quite an experience listening to 3 records of greatness.
I'm sure we also covered this elsewhere...

I was out of town staying at a friends place and he showed me Morningrise. I was impressed by the cover (I LOOOOVE that photo) and put the CD in. I liked the opening riff of Advent and was already a bit of a death metal fan and at least "desensitized" to black metal at the time (so the heavy vocals didn't bother me... although it would still be awhile before I'd fully appreciate them). When the first full acoustic passage kicked in, though, I was blown away. Acoustic guitars in metal was a new concept to me - and I thought it kicked ass. Upon my return home, I couldn't find Morningrise so I bought MAYH on a bit of a whim. Within a few weeks, I would also possess Morningrise and Orchid. Still Life came out a couple months later and I bought it right away. My Opethianness was full-fledged.
I used to work in a cd warehouse & would see all sorts of bands that I would want to check out. MAYH was the newest one at the time. I wasn't to sure about buying one just from the looks of the cover, so I bought a Century Black compilation (great way to be turned on to new bands), & it had the first half of "Nectar" from Morningrise on it. I liked it a lot, I didn't mind the rough vocals, in fact, to tell you the truth, it took a couple times for me to get used to the "clean" vocals, since I've been listening to Death Metal for about 7 years or so. Never the less, I immediately bought Morningrise, then Orchid, & of course MAYH. Since then, I"ve had the excitement of two new albums come out, & await more...;)
I was very fond of Opeth's vocals from the first time I heard them, probably because I prefer "evil and satanic" music. I actually bought MAYH because somebody told me that it was a black metal album. Although it wasn't black metal, I wasn't disappointed in the least bit. MAYH, before my copy was stolen, was probably the only non-black metal album that I played as much as my black metal collection.
I downloaded mp3's for tracks 2-6 from Still Life. Eventually i got around to listening to them and I got hooked. Eventually I remembered to buy their cd. Now i Have MAYH, Still Life, and Blackwater Park
I didn't know what to make of Opeth at first, they took through several stages: adapting to the growls, learning that their sudden tempo changes didn't imply aimlessness or stringing parts together, getting used to the acoustic/death contrasts, and finally recognizing their true genius. This took a few months.

The first time I had ever taken a listen to opeth was when my friend Rick Massie gave me a tape with all these metal bands on it (children of bodom, in flames , emperor , iced earth , opeth , dissection and Arch Enemy)
The first few songs were from Children of Bodom (warheart was one) so I listened to those for about a month before I even got into the next part of the tape . So I was totally into the whole distorted vocal thing , and it kind of dragged me out of acoustics . So then came opeth , the song April Ethereal is a pretty heavy song (on the opeth scale of heavyness) so I was easily attracted to this song . So christmas came and I ordered the cd , for some reason for the first 2 weeks I couldn't keep it in my cd player , I hated the use of acoustic guitars . After a while I forced myself to take a listen , I was pretty bored so I listened to the entire cd a couple times ,and by the third time . I was fuckin goin nuts , hitting my head on the wall for not listening to . So from then on , I have never missed a day with out opeth . It's like food for my ears , and my music . It seems like the more I listen to opeth , the better or music seems to get (although it still needs improvement) . Anyway , thats how I got into opeth . As I have said before OPETH HAS CHANGED EVERY MINUTE OF MY LIFE ,

My first conscious moment of Opeth was at a summer cottage, with two of my friends. We had decided to spend a night, not drinking much, but eating, going to sauna and listening to good music. Toni, who nowadays is also one of my band's two guitarists, played Opeth to us. The man's a phenomen in drunken praise of Opeth, but at the time he wasn't drunk enough. So I listened and thought "Yeeeee this is good." and
forgot all about it. And I always did the same when the another friend played Opeth to me afterwards. "Yeeeee this is good, now could we please listen to something else?"

But during Toni's military service he once visited me, and said "I bought the new Opeth yesterday, but since I'll be in the army I don't have the time to listen to is, so....I could loan it to you."

Still Life. ZIP BANG DIID DOOD :loco:

Suddenly I was a goner.
I downloaded "Demon of the Fall" off the internet probably about a couple of years ago. Shortly after that, I ordered the cd's in chronological order. Still can't stop listening to 'em. Most of the rest of my cd collection is collecting dust. Since I discovered Opeth, almost everything else seems "inferior".
I've been into death/black metal for a long time and my brother bought MAYH when it was released but I don't think he ever really got into it. I listened to it sometimes and I thought some of it kicked ass, especially demon of the fall, but I didn't listen to it enough to really understand how good it is. I was busy listening to more brutal stuff at that time, but I started watching out for news about Opeth and I bought Still Life when it was released. I remember that quite alot of other good metal albums was released at that time so I didn't listen to still life very much until about 3-4 months after it had been released, then I understood how damn perfect it is..
My friend always would bring metal cd's into my car when we'd go somewhere and once he brought "orchid". i had always been immune and listened to modern day pop music like "nsync" and that sort. He popped it in and i immediately judged it (so so so wrong). i listened and then i finally shut it off.....but that night he left it in my car and i brought it in and listened to it all night this day i am captured by "the twilight is my robe"...the next day i bought "orchid" and "morningrise" and i recently purchased "BWP"....i still need to get MAYH and STill LIfe when i get money....=( does the style of the albums i am missing compare to the others???
Hi everyone, Opethians! I'm new, here!
The first time I heard perfection was almost at its birth. One day I went to my Cd store and found a misterious CD without titles, only a flower on its cover, and a wonderful silhouette picture at its back. I felt the strange need to listen to it...
It was love at 'first sight'! Some months later the new album 'Mornigrise' finally consacrated Opeth the Band!
Now I am addicted...:eek: