Fortunately that has only happened to me a few times . I've never really dumped anybody myself , wouldn't have the heart to , If I don't like the person i'm with then I make it a living hell to be with me , works everytime . Anyway , takes some time to get over it , when you get over it you usually realize what you were doing wrong , then when you do realize , you meet somebody else and you learn from your last mistake , the next relationship will most likely be better and you will be more "in love" with that person . Experience is everything (and I need more experience with spelling) .So my best words are , Either try and get back with the person , or move on . Moving on is probably the hardest thing to do but sometimes it's the best .
I GOT her to like opeth, i sent her credence, harvest, face of melinda, benighted and the drapery falls.. and she liked it.. :)
man im good, i just wonder if she would like it as much if i sent her April ethereal, or Godhead's lament or something..

She's like, into more "girlie" rock, like Sahara hotnights and stuff.. i you ever heard em?
Mr. O'Keefe has more experience with girls than I do... what the hell is that?! Heheheh. ANYWAYS! The notion of "moving on" is a lot harder than it sounds, a few months ago I was pondering this and came up with the following:

The Next Thing

"Oh well, on to the next thing". What if there is no 'next thing'? This quote suggests that one moves on to a 'next thing'. My question is, if there is no 'next thing', does one move on? Perhaps, people who cannot move on don't do so due to a lack of 'next thing', and, once 'next thing' presents itself, moving on takes place. This puts a lot of importance on 'next thing'. 'Next thing' frickin' better be good. If I find out 'next thing' is a fudgesicle I'm gonna be pretty damn pissed off. Of course, then again, maybe the appearance of 'next thing' cannot be apparent to you unless moving on has taken place first, because otherwise you won't be watching for 'next thing'. Maybe I have it backwards. Hmmm...

I guess when it comes to girls the important thing to me is to skip the bullshit and the game playing and be able to communicate OPENLY and HONESTLY, saying what you actually mean, as opposed to what's supposed to get a certain reaction according to some guy's "Dealing with Women" textbook. Did this happen for you? Does this ever happen?

Rambling Profusely,
Aside from Dogma, why hasn't Carlin been canonized? He spews more wisdom than almost any modern-day prophet.

About girls:

Take it from me, do your best to pick yourself up as quickly as possible. Don't linger in self-hatred, took me a long time to figure that out.
As good as it gets...
I love the part where the girl asks Nicholson how he can write about women so accurately, and he replies, 'First I think of a man, and then I take away two things. Reason and logic.'

Apologies to the women on the board, but speaking for every guy who's ever lived, females can be very baffling at times.
That's funny, because I think I understand them most of the time.

*waits for the shocks and protests*

Nah, just kidding of course.
Girls are, and have always been, a mystery :)
I have to honestly admit...and i am not going to defend my gender.....but, we girls are difficult to read and understand most of the time....but please remember that men can be too.....girls are just over-analytical and fickle most of the apologies gentelmen...once you find "the one" will grow to love her even for her flaws and you'll find you can't live without them....cause that would just be boring....imagine a life (marraige) with a perfect person.....ugh:eek:
Quit spewing your feminine propaganda, GwEn, I can see right through you. You're a woman. Women are evil. Therefore, you are evil. Don't attempt to sway our vulnerable male hearts into thinking that you females are anything but evil! (runs and cowers in corner covering head in fetal position) STAY AWAY!

As for you, Hearse, that's it. Now we're gonna hafta fight. Meet me on the far side of the playground after school, and bring yer little friends, you'll neeed 'em. And if I don't show up, start without me.