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Sep 9, 2001
Brooklyn, NY
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does anyone know what gear opeth are currently using, inculding martin's gear?

the last time i checked mike was using a prs, peter was using a les paul and martin was using a fender

does anyone know what effects and amps they use? i hear that pet and mike use boss gt-3's live
well they endorse Laney Amplifiers and Premier Drums
so i assume they use those
Peter got some ESP guitars during their American tour...
He also has a grey Jackson Randy Rhoads that he took with him on tour in America...
Martin Mendez uses a Fender Precision Jazz Bass, though I don't know what year it is from...
Mike and Pete use the BOSS GT-3 live...

As for amps, yeah, they use Laney now, which are a kick-ass British amp company...
They also used some Marshalls live but I believe these were rented...