How Did You Know Anathema.....????


el Machote
Oct 1, 2003
Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico
and when you first hear them :Spin: ????'

i dont want to turn this into the opeth forum :D but i think theres a need to new threads in this "new" forum :p

well, i listen to anathema since almost 2 years, & I first hear them cuz... well... i've been a huge TOOL fan since a long time (4 years :err: ) and in a forum of tul if remember well, there was someone asking for who will do a good duet with tori amos... and someone say that it has to be with the anathema vocalist... well, i had time and no work and was just for leisure at that time.... so i download a couple of songs of that "unknown" group...

funny, the first song i hear was a 56kbps version of "One Last Goodbye", and that have been my all-time favourite song until today ;)

(cheese mode=ON) just to say... hail anathema :worship: you are great!!! (cheese mode= OFF)

c'mon bitchers!!! :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
Summer of 97, I went over to an old classmate's house for a nice evening of drinking. This old schoolmate of ours, whom I never really knew, was there, he was this child prodigy at our school, writing an opera aged 12 or sth, playing violin at school gatherings, my school was this music school, the one with the Copenhagen Boys Choir, so he wasn't perceived quite as weird as you'd think. I'd heard he'd announced his homosexuality, not that I have anything against that, but it sort of had me thinking about my mate, the whole evening was sort of weird. Anyway, we got way drunk and the child prodigy got talking about his music career, he'd begum playing with death metal bands, kind of shocking to me, everyone always figured he's be the next Carl Nielsen or sth, not a death metal violinist. Then he ranted about the beauties of this strangely named band, and how the singer had lost his wife, so it was verydepressive and stuff. He pulled out this old-fashioned cassette tape and there was "Lovelorn Rhapsody". Even in my drunkenness, I noticed it and in a moment of unexpected clarity got him to write down the name of the band, knowing I'd never remember Anerfemer. Went to the store a couple of days later, could only get "Eternity", wasn't exactly what I expected, but from the second listen, I was blown away. Have been pretty much ever since. Until last summer when I came here, I'd actually never met anyone else who felt just nearly the same way about their music.

I met the child prodigy again about a year ago, same place and pretty much same occasion even, he's back on the Carl Nielsen path or at least the famous violinist path, attending the academy of music in Copenhagen, hadn't thought of Anathema besides that tape, he seemed to reckon that was all a musical rebellion stage he went through, very strange.

Long sort of misplaced rant there, but that's the story :D
It was sometime in 2002 when a friend from Northern Ireland "told" me to listen to "Alternative 4". Thus, "Inner Silence" was one of the first Anathema songs I ever heard. It captured me right away. And it has remained one of my favourite songs until today (after all, "The Silent Enigma" turned out to be my favourite album though). In December 2003, I finally met up with my "virtual" friend from Northern Ireland, and we went to see the Anathema gig in London together... :headbang: Thanks a lot, dear, for bumping me into this beautiful music! I hope we can meet again someday. :Spin:
96. got pentecost iii just cos i liked the booklet, and the lyrics - the music grabbed me when i got home... then a cpl of weeks later, it was still ok, but i had heard it already too much, this guy at school came down with the Silent enigma, from then on kinda, tho i heared every album up to Alt4 not until one year after the release. judgement was my real first fanboybuy at the very moment it came out.
It happened about 2 years ago when I asked my mate what good music I should download. He mentioned Anathema (Angelica and Etirnity pt. 1 to be specific), and I had those songs for a year or so. Later on I downloaded a bunch of Anathema albums and just got more and more into them.
My final break beyond the fanboy border was in the summer of 2002 when I *really* got into them. I loved it all and joined this forum :)
summer 99. they played deep on the radio. they played songs from each band that was about to play on graspop the next weekend. so i thought okay lets see them. in fact the other songs they played were better.
because i didnt knew my way really into the recordshops (only new fnac and free record shop and stuff) i never found a cd from em. until october sth in that same year. saw judgement (in fnac ;) ) and bought it. (i still had a gift cheque)
the other albums followed soon enough, first i made copies from the library, later i found the real shops where they have all of em.

in '96 i saw them in the biebob (had to drive my daughter and her friends) i remember the electricity went down during the gig

then i saw them again in '99- graspop and got blown away...haven't missed a gig in belgium since...

btw, my daughter is into r&b these days...:erk:
I discoverd them in '95 or '96. I went out to buy a Lacrimosa cd (didn't know them good but thought i should give it a try). When I got back to my place i put it on and it was complete and utter shite!!!

So I went back to the store and asked if I could exchange it and they let me. But i didn't really know what to get. My eye fell on Anathema's serenades album. I didn't knew them but I heared some good things about them. So I bought it. I didn't like everything on it but I knew it was their first album, so I figured they might have developped into something I really liked. Some months later "eternity" was released and I got that one too. And from there on, well, it's history...:Spin:
I saw a video on :headbang: 's Ball (those were times hey?) for some song on Serenades. Got the album, got used to it (took a while though) and followed Anathema ever since :D
I heard Anathema in 1994 when I was twelve. My older brother bought Serenades at a record store and played it for me. I think we both were trying to find anything pertaining to Peaceville's "big three". I had already been listening to My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost.
toolsofthetrade said:
actually Rafael, i've never seen u write down eternity properly
u got dyslexia or sth? :erk: i dont see it with other words really
Argh, I fkin knew it!

In the beginning, when I discussed the album on the board, I wrote "Eternity". Then one morning I was reading some comments, can't remember who wrote it, but they wrote "Etirnity". I thought it was wrong back then, but everyone wrote it that way. So I assumed that I was wrong, although writing "Etirnity" seemed all wrong in my head.

But it's all okay now...

I thank you for correcting me once and for all in this matter! :D

From now on I'll write "Eternity" the proper way. :Spin:

... and I don't know if I have dyslexia. o_O
Gotta thank Travis Smith for this...cause I had downloaded A Fine Day To Exit, but I didn't really get anywhere with it, maybe cause it was in a very shitty quality or maybe cause Pressure just isn't the greatest song [just ok/good]. Dunno.
Anyway, so I went to our record store about two weeks ago and picked up A Natural Disaster cause of the great cover, it sounded nice then but I didn't get more into it or download it...which is weird of me. I came back later and listened to it again, now I've downloaded it and am loving it. Need to get into the older Anathema so I can add more albums on my "things to buy" list. Dunno when I'll buy some since I've pretty much agreed with myself that I'll only buy the upcoming Pain Of Salvation albums this year, having lots of concerts to spend money on...might make an exception with A Natural Disaster. The artwork is so amazing...equal to the music.