How Did You Know Anathema.....????

Must have been somewhere back in 93
I was a lot into death metal stuff and also bands like
Paradise lost, my dying bride and Anathema.

I think the first thing I heard was on a peaceville Sampler.
First time I saw them was somewhere in Februari 94
in Tilburg Noorderligt together with My dying Bride.

Since Pentecost III I was realy hooked......... :loco:
Uhm, that would be the Judgement, so it is '99. I downloaded the mp3 of Deep and then bought the album. But it may be the summer of 2000, not right away with the release of the album.
Yes dhonko is rock sound of 2 years ago .....
Si conoces la web chilena de garrincha de le voy a mandar esa entrevista y alguna mas escaneada para que si quiere las ponga en su página por si no la tienes.
Me alegra saber que llega hasta Mexico la buena musica de anathema ,ya que mi madre es mexicana y estuve allí hace años...
Was back in 96-97 when i was scouring for new music when i came across The Silent Enigma. Was expensive for a cd in those days, but gave it a listen and liked what i heard. Never got into then at first, but a few years later, would say about 2000 came across Judgement, witch is still my fav b.t.w. Didn't buy any of their other cd's at first, don't know why, maybe because of some bad reviews. But then i bought a fine day to exit and then i really got hooked. Then bought Alternative 4, Pentecost 3, Serenades, Eternity and A fine day to exit all in a matter of a couple of months and now i can't stop listening :)
It was mid to late 2000 and my mate who is into all sorts of metal told me to try anathema, so I was round his house and he played fragile dreams and I thought it sounded great. I bought Alternative 4 and remember describing it as 'quality depressive music' to him, asked him if Judgement was any good and he said it was 'fucking brilliant' although he though Alternative 4 was the best and he rated it the best album ever.
So, I downloaded the Judgement songs and liked them and bought the album of the net and that was a great moment, and I agreed it was fucking brilliant. So I bought all the older albums and I didn't get into The Silent Enigma properly until I watched the DVD, that got me into that album and I love it now, and of course I bought A Fine Day To Exit and liked that too but not as much as the 2 before it.
I just got more and more obsessed as I realised how many great albums they had and the sheer impact the lyrics, emotion, and the music generally had on me.
it was around 1994 (or was it 93?) i guess. I was 15. i had been getting into stuff like paradise lost since about a year, then i think i heard it anathema on a compilation tape off a friend. i checked out Serenades after that and became a fan. but it was when Eternity came out that i became a huge fan, that album still means a lot to me.
A friend of mine played One Last Goodbye to me at a festival almost two years ago. I fell in love with the song immediately, and when I got home I bought Judgement. I was so in love with that guy back then, and when we were sitting in his tent listening to One Last Goodbye and Parisienne Moonlight.. i was in 7th heaven. :p
In 2000. My ex bf brought me a cd with mp3 from Pearl Jam`s concert in Zurich ( I was totally in PJ back then) and on the same cd there were 2 Anathema albums Alternative4 and Judgement, my ex didn`t even mention about them as I guess he didn`t really listen to it. I was curious as I`d never heard anything about Anathema before and started to listen to it and thought it was brilliant. To be honest, I`ve been amazed by their muisc since then, but I didn`t really care about finding out much about the band at that time, who they are, when it all started and how, I`ve just read briefly the biography (thanks to Sopel`s webpage) and it was enough I didn`t even know what these guys look like. I couldn`t be bothered, the music was great, I listened to it every time I felt down and that was what mattered. It was much later when I started to be more interested in the band not only the music and got my first Anathema original Lp!