How is Slipknot not metal?

Yeah, it probably will. It`s interesting to hear what people have to say though.

Btw, hva er bildet i signaturen din? Om jeg ikke husker feil, er ikke det symbolet i bakgrunnen logoen til Vigrid eller Valkyrie, de to høyreekstremistiske bevegelsene. Er du tilhenger av disse, eller har du bare bilden for sjokkeffekten? :confused:
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What?!!?!? So when Metallica and Slayer was popular with the teens in the 80`s, those two bands were not metal? That seems like a fallacious theory if you ask me. Would you care to explain your position a bit more?

I never mentioned popularity. The way fans perceive their favorite bands is a powerful tool. Lets not forget, the late 80's and early 90's were Metal's heyday.

For example, Carcass was at the top of their game with Necroticism, then slowed it down for Heartwork, then became death n' roll with Swansong. The fans, perceiving that their band had gone soft, started slagging the band. It's all about fan prejudice.

In Flames is another example. Many claim that Reroute to Remain is not metal anymore, but clearly it is if you rate metal by brutality or heaviness. Another example of fan prejudice.

Also, fans seem to perceive the mainstream as something taboo. Any band in the mainstream cannot be metal, they say. Slipknot is mainstream, therefore, they are not metal according to some people.

Like someone said, something being metal depends on your definition. But in the end, it comes down to the fans.
meh,IMO it's still metal,they use the chords an scals that are most common used in metal, and are beased on metal and other stuff(often total crap) like Hip Hop but it dozen't make them rock, eaven if it is mainstreem.
But i think ppl had the same arguments about Glam rock beeing called glam metal, glam rock i say, but i say nu-Metal is still metal, but not true metal as i stated before
They are a metal band, period. Anyone who says they aren't, doesn't like them so they say they aren't metal, which makes no sense whatsoever. If they weren't popular at all, no one would EVER debate this. I liked their self titled album alot, but was a little disappointed in Iowa. They're not the greatest, or worst metal band out there but they definitely are a metal band. I thought it was kind of odd during Immolation's set at the 2000 Milwaukee Metalfest, the lead singer had Mick from Slipknot as one of his guests on the side of the stage. By the way I didn't point that out to "show how metal" Slipknot are :lol:
Yeah, I think theyre metal. I dont comprehend how some dont consider them metal. Theyre not really my cup o' tea, but I still think they can be included in the genre.

But there were some valid points made in this thread.
I think Slipknot are metal,the problem is that they are shitty metal
they play heavy music just to be heavy,not trying to create something new with it or make it sound melodic,just trying to make it sound heavy and "bad ass" or something to please their fans
and their lyrics belong in the angsty teens category
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I love the first album. Iowa was a bit dissapointing but has some brutal tracks. People=Shit for instance. Slipknot ARE fucking METAL. End of discussion.

shows how much you know thick shit,
self titled album wasn't there first album, make feed kill repeat 'or woteva it woz called was' and people=shit an loads of there other stuff is just a rip off of songs they did pre-corey, with andreas... so where it comes to metal,
they certainly are metal just a shallow, popular, version of poo-metal...

selftitled album was good before it got boring, il give em that..
slipknot is metal. its just very commerical MTV friendly metal
they just the eqivulant of green day Oasis and Nelly in their respective genres.
of nu metal i class some of the bands in the scene as metal (Slipknot SOAD Rammstein) as they have enough similarities with the conventions of metal to be called metal wehreas some bands (Limp Bizkit Papa Roach Linkin Park) i dont class as metal as they share little similarities with the conventions of metal.
and although i really like Katatonia i have to admit their recent stuff is not metal.
I've always gone with the notion that Slipknot was metal..just really really really bad fake brutality style metal..
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Okay. I get the impression from this board that people here don`t consider Slipknot a metal band. Actually, people here don`t consider Dimmu Borgir a metal band,

Who the hell said Dimmu wasn't metal? That's BS..
who cares whats metal and whats not?What matters is you like it for godsake.Could someone please close the thread.FUCKING PITIFUL OVERUSED ARGUEMENT....

As for slipknot, i think they are metalcore and "nu metal".They have a few good songs but they are posers and they just suck in general...

No, nu metal is just a stupid labeling for modern hard rock. People say all these bands like staind and incubus are nu metal, but how do they have ANY resemblance to the term "metal"?Nu metal is also sometimes metalish sounding music w/ downtuned guitars, three power chord structure(not always) and teen-angst lyrics.Like slipknot, sepultura on roots,ect.