Just got home from Philly show

Dec 3, 2002
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I'm gonna ramble.
ooo man....that had to be the greatest night of my life. Moonspell played first and they were okay but nothing special and then Devildriver which blew and it was a bad show so far. Then the almighty Opeth came out and I can't even explain it......wow. I was going insane the whole show, singing/growling along to everything...it was such an experience.

I thought the sound at the troc was fucking good, I heard everything pretty well...I was about 5rows from Martin M. The highlight of the show was for sure Blackwater Park, I went INSANE during it....Maybe you saw me I was wearing all black, plain black hoodie...brownish hair, guy who was singing along and going nuts....yeah. They had to cut out Windowpane due to time issues :-( but it wasnt a big loss. I thought they would cut April Ethereal too but it stayed :)

After the show I waited around for about an hour and then Mikael came walking out....everybody just looked at him at first and he said he'd be coming back. While he was gone Peter walks out....he talks with the fans and I get an autograph and picture with him \m/. I asked Peter what happened to Windowpane and he told me that they were short on time and they had to cut two songs but the crew worked really fast and they got off with only cutting one tune...I thought i'd be pissed if they cut a song but im good. Great guy, took pictures with everybody and was great.

Then I walked over and Mikael was there signing/taking pics. I went up and got him to sign my BWP cd book like PEter and also my ticket stub and I got a picture with him too!!! Im so excitied to see how the picstures turned out. I took pics all show too and if they come out good I'll post them up here for anyone who was there and wants to see them too :)

I think i'll end it here.............I will post pics soon or whatever...........if you were there too please share your experience or maybe you saw me? Greatest night of my life............
That was the first time for me to see Opeth, WOW.
Devildriver seemed like a miss match to be thrown in there. But I did like Moonspell much.
And the sound was great.
i don't care if people disagree with me, but to be honest..i think devildriver was better then moonspell. i usually wouldn't go for that "nu" metal, but i think they're different then most of those other shitty fake bands out there. moonspell to me was fucking repetitive, and sounded like they are following type o negative. devildriver at least was exciting and sounded good. but..enough on that, let's get to why everyone REALLY went to the show. opeth.
unfortunately, as mentioned above, they had to cut windowpane, which i wanted to see again, but, it's alright, since i have seen it on lamentations tour. they opened with masters and it was cool as hell to see that live. i think the highlight might have been april etherial, the whole MAYH vibe, was really good, because we usually only see demon, so it was def. cool. blackwater and the moor was great as well. i payed a lot more attention to mendez this time around, and i must say, he is fucking phenominal. you could hear the bass very well, it stood out, and totally enhanced the show. lopez, likewise, is an outstanding drummer.
one of my fav. parts about the show is that it was like mikes comedy hour between songs. he is funny as hell! i can't remember the really funny shit he said, but if anybody does, post it, haha. anyway, i bought my long awaited opeth hoodie, and i decided on the deliverance one. i couldn't make it to the relapse signing cause my stupid friggin chem lab in college.. i expected to get out earlier. end.
Very awesome show indeed. That was my fourth time seeing Opeth and they've never disappointed :D

I really love the Troc but unfortunately being in the area that it is, (shithead Chinatown) they have to abide by a strict curfew. I know...it sucks.

And if you go to a show in Philly, there is just no escaping the hardcore kids. 'Tis a sad fact of life. At least last night there was no "dancing."
hahahah! hush puppies! that was one of em! thanks, seething. also, when he told us that toronto said everyone from philly is an asshole, everyone went BOOO, FUCK CANADA! and then mike said, in a very slow, comical, deep voice "motherrrrfuckerrrr" love it haha. then for demon, he was like i'm gonna count to four and you're gonna yell the name of the song you THINK we're gonna play. crowd: DEMON OF THE FALL! mike: ep..ep..!! WAIT until FOUR! we'll do this thing ALL over again, if you guys mess it up!
i also loved the 4/4 thing....when Mikael said the next song (Blackwater Park) was in 4/4 and easy to headbang or something....and Martin L started to play a beat and Martin M played like Billie Jean on bass or something that was hilarious
This was my first time seeing Opeth, but it certainly will not be my last. What a fan-fucking-tastic show! The setlist was awesome. The Moor was definitely a big highlight for me. Oh, and that 7/8 riff in Deliverance is awesome! If anyone saw a brunette wearing an Opeth babydoll, black miniskirt, fishnets and a leather coat, that was me. :)

That show was just what I needed after the week of hell I've had.
was an awesome show. i really wasn't into moonspell though. devildriver were good in that they got the crowd complete psyched for opeth and set the pit.

the 4/4 beat was great.

also my first opeth show, but hopefully not my last.
This is my second Opeth show.. it was nice to hear some heavy shit, because last year's tour was all mellowed out (which was also cool, don't get me wrong).

I wanted to hear 3 songs at this show. They were April Ethereal, The Moor, and Demon of the Fall. And I was thrilled that they played all 3!

I was towards the front, a few rows back.. I was the guy with glasses, a long brown leather jacket (which I eventually took off), a light blue striped sweatshirt, and long dark hair that reaches my shoulder blades. I was somewhere in front of (I think) the guy who said he was singing to every song.. I heard you brother, and I was mentally telling you to rock on the whole time,heh.

The rhythm section simply tore it up that night.. which comes as no surprise. Lopez is extraordinary and I love his flow. Mendez is a major influence on my own bass playing, and the fact that he also rocks a Fender is pretty cool in itself.

I don't think I've had a night this awesome in a very long time. The opening bands did not interest me or do anything for me, I rather disliked them. But really, it was all good as soon as Opeth took the stage. They took it, they set the house on fire, and I was smiling and even getting misty-eyed at the utter beauty occuring before me. Opeth has been my favorite band since I first heard them, and this concert has only further increased that love.

On an unrelated note, whoever that chick was to my left and kind of behind me: you're blazin' as hell! Heh.
Well, I wasnt at the show or anything but Im going to say one thing about this show. Someone VIDEO taped it, and put a DVD up on ebay shortly after. Now, if you guys will kindly not bid and let me get it, i will rip it and stick it on the hub for EVERYONE to download. I cant wait to get it... sounds like a sweet show from what everyone says.
suislidE said:
Well, I wasnt at the show or anything but Im going to say one thing about this show. Someone VIDEO taped it, and put a DVD up on ebay shortly after. Now, if you guys will kindly not bid and let me get it, i will rip it and stick it on the hub for EVERYONE to download. I cant wait to get it... sounds like a sweet show from what everyone says.
are you serious! thats fucking nice....if you do what you say you will your a god to me hehe
Yes, incredible show by Opeth. These guys never disapoint.
They are also the nicest guys you would ever want to meet: I was lucky enough to get a backstage pass and meet the whole band .

And I agree, Mikael is so damn funny. I love it. At one point when some fan yelled out something to the effect that Opeth should tour with Katatonia,Mikael cracked everyone up by saying that "Jonas is my best friend in the whole world but he's a lazy motherfucker."

Highlights for me were The Moor, In My Time of Need, The Drapery Falls & Deliverance.

Night one of 2 awesome Opeth shows...Continued in NYC thread...
This was my first time seeing them perform... of course they were phenomenal. It's going to be a long two years for them to come back to Philly, if that's what I thought I heard Mikael say. Can anyone elaborate a little on what Prog said about the 7/8 riff in Deliverance?