just back from Philly show

Thanks a bunch dead6skin6mask6 ... I'm glad to hear that it came out well! We had a great view and pretty good sound there behind the mixing board. I look forward to checking it out!

Rob Zombie, no prob. Was a choice spot... worth hangin' onto.


Peter complained of cold... I don't think he's Swedish after all :lol:

cmon, I'm Polish and I took the cold.. they should be used to worse weather than Philly :lol:
Well Mike said that Stockholm is pretty nice this time of year. Not sure if he was tellin the truth or not.:p

By the way, I was in the group of people up front that started lighting the lighters during A Fair Judgement.
Black Rose Immortal? That's the twenty minute song on Morningrise! I heard that requested a few times but they never play it. Probably because it's so damn long. Freebird now i don't think i would want to hear that one...lol
Although Opeth do a great Iron Maiden Cover of Remember Tomorrow on a tribute to the beast! Hey, am i the only one but i want to see them again. I guess when they come back again i will have to catch three shows again.
"Play the really long one" was actually a joke, considering, well, the length of most opf their songs. And if you're ever at a show at the Troc, I'll usually request Freebird at least once:p
dead6skin6mask6 said:
skua !!! tnx alot for holdin the place, the quality came out AWESOMELY im gonna capture it to my computer and EQ it within the next week or so. ill send ya a PM when its done.

Thought I'd check back with you to see if you ever mastered that show out? I'd love to hear it!
Also was wondering if you caught the Opeth show at Birch Hill on May 15th. I originally bought tix
thinking it would be for their Damnation CD... turned out to be a great show... exactly the same
setlist as the January show! I was down front this time... AWESOME! Lacuna Coil was great too...
Take it easy.