Martin Lopez left Opeth - WTF?

dorian gray said:
ha! bullshit. last time i was in jersey, i stopped by brians house and he was blasted out of his mind. we drove out to minion's place in bergen-belsen and i convinced brian to shoot him. true story. you havent seen minion post here lately have you? theres your proof.

lol your story is true, only thing is minion posted today or yesterday dude =\
deliverance said:
i didn't call the girl a bitch because of that, i just felt like saying bitch..but yes i am having girl probs, haha. and no i wasn't drunk, because i don't drink, nor have i ever.

Sorry dude didn't mean to cast dispertions upon your character. I don't like refering to women as bitch its rather derogatory.