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Peter Jackson's best one ever... (yes, IMO better than TLotR! :lol: )

Glad to see another fan of one of the most bizarre films ever. It's easily described as The Muppets on acid. I love it. :D

Bad Taste is also another great Peter Jackson film. :)

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I even flew to New York to see the premiere of "The Phantom Menace" :D
Wow, that's dedication. :eek:
I saw Chicago yesterday.... but I don't know why I chose this film... I don't know why was it the 'Best film'. I was bored... some ppl compared it to Moulene Rouge... that's a faaar much better musical.
I'm waiting for my first and only attendance in a cinema this year (I think) :rolleyes: - LOTR of course.

Got the DVD of the Two Towers last week but didn't have the time to watch it. Would have time now but I lent it to a friend of mine.
last night i watched 'Finding Nemo' ... oh the child in me :D

and i came to the conclusion that the Hungarian text is much much better than the original. they put a lot more word-play in it. the result is funnier and more enjoyable :D
LOTR III was good, ending to long, but to short compared to the book lol. PI is a great movie, anyone seen clockwork orange? Surprised no one mentioned Fightclub, or american history X... O well.
O well DeathBlade... both movie u mentioned are amazing ones... i saw them several times.
the one i really liked lately was 25th hour. lately ive become very picky when it comes to movies... ;)

who likes The nightmare before xmas?
I spent the evening with watching movies

Donnie Darko - pls somebody tell me what this movie is about. after watching the director comments on the left out scenes.... i got confused

Hair - oh my.... evergreen musical :D

13 ghosts - is just now on. very spectacular horror stuff.
Mocika said:
Hair - oh my.... evergreen musical :D
well......yes. just today I told *M* about my musical career when I was a kid. "Hair" is only a small part of it as we have been perfoming this in school. I had no leading role as I basically hated being on stage, so I was just part of the choir..... but we all looked very hippie :lol: I remember seeing the movie in school for the first time (before we started rehearsing for the musical ....just for the sake of the story). I've also seen the musical when it was on European tour in 1989/1990 :cool: