Music for Sexing the Womens

One Inch Man said:
Fine. Every strip club I've gone to has one song in common:

Danzig - She Rides

If you're looking for sleazy shit, Danzig, White Zombie, Monster Magnet, Kyuss, Type O Negative, etc. will fit the bill. What did you call it JayK? Sleaze Rock?

There you go. Sprinkle some 80's hairmetal into that equation and you'll be getting double teamed by the Coors twins.
True, but you simply cannot deny that Marvin Gaye WILL get you laid. I was drinking beer with my bros one night, and someone accidentally tossed on Let's Get it On, all of a sudden it was an All Man Greek Orgy! o_O
Yeah, but Marvin Gaye, Luthor Vandross, etc it's all for good lovin and slow motion sex.

I'm talking about YEEEHAAA, ride that bitch in the cowboy hat, boots, and thong. This guy is trying to get laid, not married.
I had a creepy girlfriend once (normally she was pretty cool, she even liked most of the metal I listened to) but when she got her "fuck on" she liked to listen to marilyn manson... talk about music to make your dick limp.
Nah, I'd say Marilyn Manson falls under the Raunch Rock category, or whatever you want to call it.

But I like his/their shit so the insta-softy factor wouldn't apply to me anyhow. :p
i'd like to submit Negura Bunget ... the one with the leaf ... tried and tested ... thumbs up! :lol:

also Nine Inch Nails and Ministry.
You would THINK so, based on all the "this album makes my dick stiff and makes me spontaneously ejaculate in multiple direction" comments people spout around here :p