Opeth in Australia

haha i am not really too fussed who support, Opeth themselves will make my day, well week for that matter. They are unreal. The amenta would be cool to see though, i really like there stuff and i have never seen them. Man i cant wait for opeth!!!!!!!
end_of_an_era said:
Thank fuck someone else thinks this. This Godless Endeavour was 2005's most overated album. 'Born' was really nice (Loomis has some quality chops), then up came Sentient #6. By god I almost choked when I heard " I am Sentient Number 6! "
Rule number one: NEVER sing the title of the song in the first line..

The title track is a classic example of trying to be epic, It felt like it dragged on for 15 minutes. I tried hard but this was one album I just gave up on. Ugghh.
I just find their riffs extremely boring. And the singer tries to hard to sound like Ozzy (IMO). The only good thing about them is the blindingly fast solos. But that doesn't really do much to redeem yourself in my eyes.
_fade2black_ said:
in that case i hope its sunk loto

HAHAHAHAHA! I said a band I'd enjoy, and they aren't a band I enjoy, nor do I think they got the goods. There are shit loads of bands I'd get to support Opeth before those guys. What a joke it would be if they got the role.

I say, give it to Alchemist! Most unique and original band this country has produced in metal over the last 10-15 years.
In regards to support bands im hoping that Stargazer fill the spot, at least for the SA gig - i rekon that would be wicked
hey i got tickets to opeth in melbourne at the forum but im only 16 does anyone first off now if the forum is tight with i.d's and secondly if there is away around it because im gunna try no matter what i just need to ease my pain i wil fukn go nuts if i dont get in.
it means the world to me to get into this gig and there is no under age in melbourne