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Sep 15, 2002
Helsinki, Finland
I remember starting a thread like this a long time ago but as it seems it was deleted, so here's the new one thx should goes to eef and me for the geeky talk in the portugese thread :p
So anywayz, as the title says, which are your fav pc games, which ones have ya played the most and why, which release are ya looking for while shivering in anticipation etc... So everything related to the title, mkay?

As for me, my ultimate favorits would be the following: Baldurs Gate I-II (+expansions), Neverwinter Nights (+expansions), Icewind Dale I-II (+expansion), Vampire the Masquerade, Drakan, Diablo, Dungeon Keeper I-II, Silver, Sanitarium, Warcraft II-III, HoMM III-IV, Starcraft (+expansion), Age of Empires, GTA (and on Playstation: Wipeout and Mortal Kombat - I know its off topic, but these two deserve to be mentioned ;))

Currently Im re-playing Neverwinter Nights - Shadows of the Undrentide and finishing Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne. After that... well, I am interested in this Dark Age of Camelot, maybe I should try to get it from somewhere.

And now that I am done with the instructions...eef:

What character do you have in NWN? And actually, why the fuck didnt ya play SoU first :err: :D ?
I dont have time for games anymore, but when I had I remember I loved Morrowind and all the FPP (Half-Life rules)
I don't play much, my fav games are Max Payne (I.-II.); SOF (1-2); Call of Duty, Counter strike... and doom, and blood, and elasto mania :worship:
Well, being a bonafide game nut, I play both console and PC games....for PC, it's been Diablo 1+2, Baldurs Gate(reg and Shadows of Amn), and Neverwinter Nights. Playstation/PS2, it's been some old classics(Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Persona, Final Fantasy Tactics and I am thinking about breaking out FFIX and FFX again, and i need to get FFXI and play the GTA series more now that I have some more free time!)

And my Gamecube has been running Phantasy Star Online(the upgrade), Soul Calibur 2 and the Game Boy Advance adapter attatched to it has been running Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow.

Of course I now have an old Nintendo system that the bf brought over; so I have been enjoying the old classics I grew up with like Super Mario Bros and the like. :D
I don't play many games nowadays but some of my favorite PC games of all time are Starcraft (#1), Deus Ex, Max Payne 1/2, the Quake Series, Unreal Tournament, and of course, my SNES emulator with Super Mario Allstars.. oooohhh yeah.
good! now we can discuss games without having a bunch of FUCKING SCREWBALLS picking our noses :p

i play mostly fps and since a while, i've started to like rpgs (first played diablo2, now nwn)
as for fps, i think i played nearly every single player fps out there (except the new ones coming since last year, still on my to-do list)
also i played quake2 Rocket Arena for years online, i still go to the local servers once in a while (when it's not empty)

@Xuxa: i'm a level 25 male elf wizard called Cris Boltendahl (call me cheesy :p)
haha when i was creating the character i chose a really gruff and rabid voice, so now my wizard goes RRAAWWWGH DIEEE and NOTHING SHALL ESCAPE WRARRHRHWW when it attacks haha, it reminds me of that angry guy played by Ben Stiller in that whackass movie

and i started playing hotu first cause i heard sou was weak, and hotu was incredibly good instead
wrong step i guess hehe but anyway
I gotta start playing online more. In Diablo 2 I am usually a necromancer named Azreal(insert wheel of cheese here), Neverwinter Nights I'm Fenris, a Barbarian/Fighter human with horns and the 'insane guy' voice "hahahaha die! die!!! DIEEEEE!!!!!!" :D

I have been reading up on FFXI(going for the PS2 version), dunno what I am going for here; probably a monk or something. If there are any Phantasy Star Online players, let me know, hehe.
ohh yay, Okay these are most of the games I play on my PC.. CS, Neverwinter Nights (just got it), Half Life, Final Fantasy VII, WarCraft I II III, Diablo II, Sims, at times rollercoaster tycoon, DeathMatch Classic..and a lot more

Other games on the consoles.. Soul Calibur 1 and 2, the many Zelda games, Animal Crossing (gc), Final Fantasy Tactics (Can't wait for Crystal Chronicles), GTA 3, Twisted Metal: Black, Metal Gear Solid 2, Medal of Honor, Halo (I usually play at my friends house, up to 6 ppl or so) Duckhunt and Kirby on NES, and the many Super mario bros games...and others

I'm kind of not playing the pc games at the moment cause my computer needs to be reformatted, its so slow.
im all about Morrowind currently. im making a city and castle mod right now. others i play(ed) are max payne 1 and 2, halo, diablo 2, gta3 and vice city which i modded as well, NOLF, half life

for ps2 i play mainly rpgs..final fantasy is the best! others are gran turismo, metal gear solid series
im slowly, but surely getting back into PC gaming. i'm currently playing tomb raider: angel of darkness and i also have rainbow six 3 that came with my ATI Radeon 9600XT. i also bought the half-life platinum edition to bring myself up to speed, so to speak, for when half-life 2 comes out. i also got a free coupon for that with my video card. :D