PROGPOWER X Predictions

Crap. No cryptic advance post from Glenn? BOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

"Six of the bands have never played the US before."
"Four of the bands have keyboards."
"One of the bands has a hurdy-gurdy."
"None of the bands will have a live accordion player."
"Eight of the bands have an average hair-length of over 18 inches."
"Eleven of the bands have humans as band-members."

I miss them - and the speculation and excitement they generated, but I think GLenn is way too busy for stuff like this now. However, since not ALL the bands will be announced Friday night - we may get a few cryptic clues after the fest is over - Glenn & Crew take a well deserved break and he can think up some really off the wall stuff.

Headliner for Sat night shoe sizes range between 8.5 and 13 (but I will not tell you if that is Euro or US sizes).

yeah, It was a kind of fantasy line-up, but out of all I listed the one I really want to see is TAROT, the rest will be pure icing on the cake.

So maybe something like this:

HAMMERFALL(we can only hope)
SERENITY(give them another chance)

I agree on that, seeing TAROT live will be amazing, hope FALCONER will be at PP X too.
I will be more than pleased if at least 4 of my 12 pics could be at PP X next year.


Hello All,

You know, I have read all of the posts here and think there are some good choices on all of the lists. I have no idea what Glenn has in store for us but for a 10 year anniversary, I think he will do something special. What that is, I have no clue. I agree that there are many bands that have not been here that should but I am also on the side of bring back the people who have rocked the house. I am a BIG fan of returning acts strictly because I get more enjoyment of the bands I am already familiar with. With that being said, I have no idea what the line-up will be because I am so unfamiliar with all of the bands that are out there. This is who I would like to see play.

1. Silent Force
2. Brainstorm
3. Angel Dust - Are they back together
4. Symphony X - Been A long time since they were here
5. Tarot - Marco would tear the place down
6. Darkwater - Nice progressive music
7. Nightwish - Tour alot but would love to see the new singer
8. Circus Maximus - One of my favorite bands and would love to see them again
9. Evergrey - I can never get enough of these guys, they rock every time they play
10> Kamelot - Always a good show.
I'm hoping for something like a remake of PP5 considering I missed that year :cry: so of course I'd like to see Edguy, Evergrey, Brainstorm and whom ever else Glenn has chosen. I will not miss PPX. :headbang::kickass::worship:
I agree on that, seeing TAROT live will be amazing, hope FALCONER will be at PP X too.

I agree. I've been a Tarot fan for years. I only just discovered Falconer and I must say I'm impressed.

It would be totally cool if next year's line-up included Tarot, Falconer, and Kiuas among the many no-doubt killer bands. I'd love to see a line-up that was brand new from top to bottom, no repeats from previous years. Or, at least, 75% new bands. That kind of freshness appeals to me.
Machine Men
Steel Attack
Labyrinth (obligatory, every year)
Twilightning (if they can somehow wash away the bad taste of the last album)
Dark Empire (This seems like a given)
Virgin Black
Freedom Call

I dunno...not making a prediction.. just spouting out bands that would be cool to see and something new. While certain return bands are great and anyone can make a Blind Guardian, Edguy, Kamelot, Hammerfall, Symphony X roster that most likely won't happen. I'm more intrigued by the bands that nobody has ever heard of where the reaction is like "What the hell is this amazing shit and where have they been hiding?" .

And as for Falconer, I don't understand what the big deal is about them? Everytime I've ever tried to listen to them they are just mediocre power metal at best, meh about sums it up.

I guess we can spout bs all day long, but in the end it's put your money were your mouth is and in that regard I have to give major thanks to all the sponsers of this great fest past and present, it truely is a privellage to attend when you look at the big picture of what it takes to organize the event, I'm just happy to be here.
Either a 'fresher' slate of new bands or a 'best of' roster from past years would be fine for me....but hell, this is ProgPower USA's tenth anniversary, and I'll be very surprised if Glenn isn't marking the occasion with at least one special returning band.

Returning bands who would IMO kick ass again:

Orphaned Land (long shot)
Therion (even longer shot)
Nightwish (less likely due to more extensive touring nowadays, but Tarot would rule :))
Symphony X (same as above)
Blind Guardian (although the 'scheiss!' incident could be a factor....maybe D&W? )

I would have added Angra there, but that seems unlikely at this point. :(
I don't see how Evergrey are just about guaranteed from some of you. I know it's a 10th anniversary show and all, and they're like the ProgPower "House Band". They definitely have a rich fanbase on this forum and I like them a good bit as well. HOWEVER, didn't we see them play a 23-song marathon set when they "Destroyed" Atlanta only 2 years ago? It was an awesome set to watch, and at the same time satiated me on Evergrey as a ProgPower headliner for several years to come. I'd rather see either a headliner from yesteryear (Blind Guardian comes to mind) or a new headliner (Hammerfall, for example) instead of a band that we've already seen virtually pull out all the stops at ProgPower.

Edit: Also--and I know this band has left a bad taste in the mouth of certain festival promoters--Nevermore needs to play this stage...if at all possible. God dammit that would be amazing.
Let's see. Will there be something special for the 10th annaiversary? Probably. Will there be new bands, bands that have never played ProgPower, ones that have never even played in the US? That's always been part of the formula as I understand it. Will there be some repeats? Sure. Will the special anniversary thing be from a new or return band? My guess is the latter.

So a couple of things I'd like to see that meet the above criteria:

*new band - Falconer - they haven't ever played in the States, have they?

*special - Kamelot doing a show similar to the "One Cold Winter's Night" show. This was a truly special and absolutely terrific performance that, so far as I know, was a one-off for the sake of recording the DVD. A similar show for a US audience would be outstanding and make sense.
I would love to see a Blotted Science or Cynic set. Although Blotted Science being instrumental might lose some peoples interest, I think it would be fun. Those two are more wishes really.
Sun Caged
Shadow Gallery
Tool (out there but Riverside reminds me of them in some ways so you never know)
Within Temptation
Astral Doors
Scar Symmetry (only of Norther doesn't play and vice versa)

Those are some that I think may have a shot.