Songs OPETH dont play live

I saw Opeth in 06 when I knew only a few of their songs.

This was the setlist

1 Ghost of Perdition
2 White Cluster
3 The Amen Corner
4 The Baying of the Hounds
5 Closure
6 Under the Weeping Moon
7 The Grand Conjuration
8 The Leper Affinity
9 Soldier of Fortune (Deep Purple)
10 Deliverance

So months went by and I got into all of their albums. All I remembered them playing at the concert was 1,3,6-10. Then it hurt me to find out they played the other songs because I love them so much and it seems like I have missed out on something beautiful. I guess my fear is that as the new album comes out, it will limit the possibility for older songs to resurface.

Seeing Advent, April Ethereal, When and BWP live would be too much for me to handle.
They have played serenity painted death but Ican not remember if it was in Sweden or England.

The twilight is my robe was played aswell in the days around the recording of "Orchid" and
might have been on the U.K. tour when they supported Morbid Angel aswell.

And I belive they played Birge for november in Bradford 2001.

But they never played "A dimension of devastated minds", "The final destiny" & "Eternal soul torture".
Are those demos? I've never heard about the first two.
I watched Wreath live, it kicks ass.

What I would like to see is Epilogue at the end of every concert and Madrigal for the opening intro ( just like how they use the nosferatu soundtrack atm )