Songs that showcase Opeths talent

Well, it's maybe not their talent, but I would easily pick out the whole Damnation record, which I mean the guys can be most proud of!
It's a masterpiece, not only in the metal scene, but of overall records.

Talent? I don't know, the whole Ghost Reveries is probably the best produced record they have made. But maybe I would say the song Blackwater Park!
I just can't describe why, its my fav. thou.
If I had to present Opeth for a friend, and by only playing one song, that had to be it.
god this thread should be retitled "post the names of several random opeth songs!"
ashes_against_the_grain said:
Hehe! Well, the first Opeth album i have ever heard was Blackwater Park, so that's why i always recommend it to whoever asks me about Opeth...To me, The Drapery Falls is STILL the best Opeth song! :kickass:

Yep, that's the song that got me too. Wasn't too big of a metal fan before I came across a copy of BWP, so when I first played it, I'd never heard anything like that before. I liked Leper, Bleak and Harvest, but as soon as Drapery came on, that was it for me.

Getting back on topic, I would say the Moor. That song is a marvel, simply put. Either that or Madrigal.
If Opeth covered Snoop Dogg it would easily be the best showcase of their talent
why the hell cant damnation be allowed, anyway , the leper affinity is my choice which has melodys and textures that cross all genres, from the mordid angel type brutallity, combined with the voivod style discord, the classic 80's twin harmonys through to the nick drake inspired acoustic break which imo is some of the most beautiful melodys/lyrics music mike has ever put together. What is it about the blackwater park recording that sounds so different from there other albums?