Songs that showcase Opeths talent

Demon of the Fall
Godhead's Lament
The Drapery Falls
Ghost of Perdition
The Grand Conjuration
When without a doubt.I think that when is the opeth's best song.Very brutal entrance then clean parts.Another musician can make 4-5 song with this song's riffs.But Mikael is using all of them in one song.
biggsy said:
Absolutely... GoP encompasses everything Opeth is about. If you don't like GoP you virtually don't like Opeth afaics.

thats a fair statement tbh
Sean Casey said:
The Final Countdown

Yea! Europe! *cries*

C'mon people!

Windowpaneeeee :/

Then maybe drapery

...or perdition... tough call.. and shit beneath the mire was great... and baying of the hounds.. lets just say its a toss up between Windowpane and pretty much Ghost Reveries. Oh and Drapery..

Fuck it.

Disregard everything I just said.